Will Abortion Be Enough to Save Democrats in November?

With Republicans strong on the economy, it’s not clear how much any other issue will matter.

By Susan B. Glasser
October 6, 2022

This weekend, when I ran into the former Democratic National Committee
chairwoman Donna Brazile, she told me that she was not super optimistic about
the midterm elections—a message she had shared in a recent meeting with top
White House aides about how to mobilize the Party’s voters. “Democrats have to
defy history,” she later told me. “It’s tough. That’s my worry.” There was,
however, one issue that gave Brazile some hope: the backlash to the Supreme Court’s
decision this summer to throw out Roe v. Wade, the abortion-rights decision
from 1973. It has resulted in a brewing voter rebellion neatly summed up in a
T-shirt that Brazile recently saw, which read “Roe, Roe, Roe to Vote.” She has
taken to singing the slogan like a refrain.

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Arizona judge rules state can enforce near-total abortion ban

By Maeve Reston, CNN
September 24, 2022

An Arizona Superior Court judge ruled Friday that a 1901 ban on nearly all abortions in that state can be enforced, a decision that is likely to see an appeal and is all but certain to galvanize female voters to turn out in greater numbers in the state's closely contested US Senate and governor's races.

In ruling that Arizona's near-total ban on abortion could take effect, Pima County Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson granted a request by the state's Republican attorney general to lift a court injunction that had barred enforcement of Arizona's pre-statehood ban on abortion after the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade in 1973.

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