After Kansas smackdown, anti-abortion right in denial: Either it didn’t happen or it doesn’t matter

After a stunning defeat in the Sunflower State, abortion foes make up excuses: Maybe they didn't go far enough!

AUGUST 4, 2022

Amid the array of primary election results on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, one stood out in boldface type: Nearly 60% of voters in Kansas, typically a deep-red state that Donald Trump easily carried two years ago, rejected a ballot referendum that would have amended the state constitution to remove the right to abortion.

The amendment, artfully entitled "Value Them Both," represented the first ballot initiative on abortion since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June. Abortion opponents described it as a corrective to a 2019 state Supreme Court ruling which found that the Kansas constitution protects abortion rights, while pro-choice groups warned it would swiftly allow Republican lawmakers to enact a total abortion ban.

USA – Anti-abortion movement’s big plan: Supercharged “crisis pregnancy centers” and data harvesting

Anti-choice activists roll out bold new strategy to register and track abortion-seekers. Why do they want to know?


Oklahoma state Sen. George Burns, a Republican, introduced a new bill this month that would require anyone seeking an abortion in the state to call a designated hotline to receive counseling from "care agents" about abortion alternatives, and also to be screened for the possibility that they are victims of abuse, human trafficking or abortion coercion. The bill, SB 1167 or the "Every Mother Matters Act" (EMMA), is couched as an offer of resources, from housing to employment assistance, to provide "compassionate options for those faced with unexpected pregnancies," as Burns said in a press release. He acknowledges, however, that his "ultimate goal is ending abortion altogether."

So far, generally so familiar. But there's an important new twist here that looks to be the tip of a national iceberg: The Oklahoma bill also provides for the state Department of Health to assign each abortion-seeker who calls the hotline a "unique identifying number." Abortion providers would be required to obtain and record that number, which would also be registered in a DHS database.


USA – Adoption of separated migrant kids shows ‘pro-life’ groups’ disrespect for maternity

Adoption of separated migrant kids shows 'pro-life' groups' disrespect for maternity

Jill Filipovic
Wed 30 Oct 2019

The shadow of Trump’s family separation policy is long. In its darkness: children who were ripped away from their parents, now being adopted out to American families. All with the help of those who claim to stand up for children because they are “pro-life”.

An Associated Press investigation earlier this month found that children across the country are being stripped from their parents and handed over to new families, who are able to petition for custody of them – and that state court judges can grant that custody without notifying the children’s parents. Thanks to a hastily implemented family separation policy, there are hundreds of migrant children in foster care or detention centers whose parents undoubtedly want them. But if their parents have been deported, reunification is more difficult – especially if more-powerful American foster parents decide they want to keep the child they are supposed to be temporarily caring for.


USA – Are Evangelical Adoption Agencies Stealing Children?

Are Evangelical Adoption Agencies Stealing Children?
American religious groups have a long history of adopting children from asylum seekers and from families in poorer nations. But are they saving kids’ lives—or trafficking them?

Christopher Stroop
Oct 1, 2018

After a long and arduous journey from Guatemala, asylum seeker Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia and her 7-year-old son, Darwin, crossed the U.S. border on May 21, 2018. For two days, the two were fed cold soup through a hose, before immigration officials came and pried the screaming boy from his mother’s arms. They wouldn’t tell her where they were taking him. Over 2,000 children were separated from their parents under the Trump administration’s performatively cruel “zero tolerance” immigration policy. Able to connect with a lawyer who helped her pro bono, Mejia-Mejia sued the federal government, which had violated her rights both under the U.S. Constitution and international law, and on June 22, the mother and son were reunited. Many separated families will not see a similar conclusion to their ordeal.