Bulletproof glass and 24-hour surveillance: The life of an American abortion doctor

ABC News, Australia
By North American correspondent Kathryn Diss and Cameron Schwarz in Colorado
Posted Mon 11 Oct 2021

Warren Hern doesn’t live like any ordinary doctor. He keeps the location of his Colorado home secret. He sleeps with a rifle beside his bed. He wears a bulletproof vest if speaking publicly, and works behind bulletproof glass.

Every square inch of his surgery, which is protected by large security fences, is monitored with surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.

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There’s a Better Way to Talk About Abortion

There's a Better Way to Talk About Abortion
People still use medically inaccurate and stigmatizing terms to talk about abortion. You can help change that.

by Marie Solis
Jan 22 2020
Illustrations by Cathryn Virginia

For decades, conservative politicians and activists have dictated the rhetoric around abortion, and for that reason many of the words we use to talk about the procedure are medically inaccurate, emotionally charged, and suffused with stigma. And that includes even the most basic terms we use to describe the debate over abortion rights: The anti-abortion camp has long described itself as “pro-life” instead, monopolizing a powerful word that advocates say clouds their real intention—to ban abortion. The word “choice,” some say, is an imprecise one as well, creating the impression that one’s ability to get an abortion is simply a matter of choosing to do so, when in fact there are many systematic obstacles in the way that keep people from accessing the procedure.

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UK – Abortion should be a medical matter, not a criminal one. The law needs to change

Abortion should be a medical matter, not a criminal one. The law needs to change
Manifesto promises by Labour and the Liberal Democrats to decriminalise abortion are welcome news for women

Hilary Freeman
Sun 1 Dec 2019

There has been a predictably overwrought response to the election manifesto promises of both Labour and the Liberal Democrats to decriminalise abortion. Rightwing and Catholic commentators alike imagined hordes of heavily pregnant women at abortion clinics, demanding their fully formed foetuses be evacuated from their uteruses. Just because the law said that they now could.

I, unfortunately, know far more than I want to about what utter nonsense this emotive, anti-abortion rhetoric is. On 26 September 2012 I ended the life of my much-wanted daughter, Elodie, at 24 weeks’ gestation. It’s the hardest and most painful thing I’ve ever done. One thing I now know, with certainty, following this traumatic experience, is that no woman would choose to terminate a pregnancy that late on unless she felt there wasn’t any other option. And no doctor would countenance it, whatever the law said.

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Why a NY woman came to Colorado for a 32-week abortion

Why a NY woman came to Colorado for a 32-week abortion
Forty-three states place some restrictions on abortions after a certain point in pregnancy, but Colorado isn’t one of them

By Anna Staver, The Denver Post
PUBLISHED: October 13, 2019

In the spring of 2016, Erika Christensen and her husband walked past a tall, wooden fence that obscured the Boulder office of Dr. Warren Hern from the street and into his waiting room.

Printed signs taped to bulletproof glass told her all electronic devices — even cellphones — were prohibited and asked her to tell someone on staff if she needed to leave for any reason. The only items she could carry through the door were a printed book, her identification card and a check for $10,000.

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India – Court relaxes rules for woman to abort foetus suffering from congenital anomaly

Court relaxes rules for woman to abort foetus suffering from congenital anomaly

Staff Reporter
new delhi, July 15, 2019

The Delhi High Court has relaxed the law governing termination of pregnancy to allow a 27-year-old woman to abort her 25-week foetus diagnosed with a congenital anomaly which made it “impossible for the child” to remain alive after birth.

A Bench of Chief Justice and Justice C. Hari Shankar took the assistance of medical experts from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to determine the condition of the foetus suffering from Bilateral Muticystic Kidney disease with Oligohydramnios and Pulmonary Hypoplasia.

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USA – What’s missing from the conversation about late abortions, explained by a doctor

What’s missing from the conversation about late abortions, explained by a doctor
Abortion opponents are accusing doctors of infanticide. Here’s the reality of abortion late in pregnancy, according to a doctor.

By Anna North Updated
Apr 29, 2019

President Trump on Saturday yet again claimed that doctors in America are executing babies. “The baby is born,” Trump said at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully, and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

Trump’s inflammatory words are part of a larger movement. At an especially contentious time in the abortion debate, opponents of the procedure have focused their attention on abortions that happen late in pregnancy. In some cases, they’re implying that laws allowing l

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USA – Later Abortion: A Love Story

Later Abortion: A Love Story

Missy Kurzweil

I recently met someone new and we talked for a while. She asked me where I’m from; I asked her what she does for work. She asked me if I have any children.

That last question gave me pause, not because it was too personal but because I wasn’t sure how to answer. If I said no, it would feel like a sad lie. If I said yes, she might ask how old my child is and I would have to say, “He would have been one in March.” Then she might say, “Oh. I’m so sorry,” and we would sit together in a sea of awkwardness rising around us. Maybe she would stop there, or continue with a sympathetic “May I ask what happened?” And I would have to say, “He died.”

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I Wish I’d Had A ‘Late-Term Abortion’ Instead Of Having My Daughter

I Wish I’d Had A ‘Late-Term Abortion’ Instead Of Having My Daughter

By Dina Zirlott, Guest Writer

Warning: Details in this story could be triggering to some readers.

I was raped when I was 17 years old. I had a baby when I was 18 years old. My baby died when I was 19 years old.

I cannot recall the color of the sky when I woke up the morning I was raped, or what I did in the hours leading up to the assault. I think of it in terms of Before and After, and I’m caught right in between the two.

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Separating fact from fiction on abortion law reform

Separating fact from fiction on abortion law reform

Jackie Edmond | Guest writer
Nov 5, 2018

Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond debunks some of the myths and misinformation around abortion law reform in New Zealand and the changes proposed by the Law Commission.

It’s important to have accurate information to decide how you feel about changing the law on abortion. The problem is, that isn’t always possible online. At Family Planning, we’ve had a number of queries about the law, and we’d like to present what we know to be accurate.

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