Poland abortion protests reflect a deep schism in country’s society

By Michael Daventry 

In October, Poland became the only European Union country to remove a right to legal abortion from its citizens.

The country’s top court ruled on October 22 that it was unconstitutional to abort a foetus if it had congenital defects.

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Polish police scuffle with protesters demanding “Free abortion, Free education”

By Reuters Staff
NOVEMBER 23, 2020

WARSAW (Reuters) - Police scuffled with protesters who gathered in front of Poland’s Education Ministry on Monday following a ruling that tightened restrictions on abortion rights in the Catholic country.

Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets since the Constitutional Tribunal ruled on Oct. 22 to further limit already restrictive abortion rules, the latest phase of a battle between liberals and religious conservatives in Poland.

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Polish police keep protesters against abortion ruling away from parliament

Nov 18, 2020 

WARSAW — Poles who planned to blockade parliament to protest against a judicial ruling that amounted to a near-total ban on abortion were kept away from the building by police on Wednesday, and dispersed around the city center.

The ruling by a top court had previously brought thousands onto the streets of cities across the country in protests that turned into an outpouring of anger at five years of nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) rule and the Roman Catholic church.

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Abortion rights: An open wound in many European countries

By Alexandra Brzozowski and Raffaella Margaryan
Nov 18, 2020

Poland already had one of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, and is on the verge of tightening it even further. But a closer look at other European countries shows the trend does not go towards liberalisation either, while at EU level, the European Commission is legally unarmed.

The protest against a strict abortion ban in Poland continues and is now turning into an anti-government movement.

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Poland’s regressive abortion law hits vulnerable women hardest

Posted on 17th November 2020
by Basia Jankowiak

The 22nd of October was one of the worst days for Polish women in 2020. It was decided by Poland’s top court that the law allowing abortion of foetuses with congenital defects is unconstitutional. The decision was backed by the leading party in the Polish government – PiS along with far-right party Konfederacja. The majority of the court’s judges were nominated by PiS, signalling the political nature of the court’s decision.

The abortion law in Poland is one of the strictest in the whole of Europe. Before the 22nd of October, Polish women were able to have an abortion in cases of rape or incest, if the mother’s health was at risk, or if the foetus has congenital defects.

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‘This is war’: Inside Poland’s abortion protests

Activists in Poland are declaring war after a court decided to restrict abortion in cases of fetal abnormalities.

16 Nov 2020
22-minute podcast

Poland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. So, when a Polish court tried to restrict abortion even further, it led to mass protests – the largest the country has seen since the fall of communism. Members of Poland’s emboldened feminist movement walk us through the protests and tell us what to expect next.

In this episode: Scholar and writer Agnieszka Graff; Gosia Wochowska and Wiktoria Sakowicz of Gals4Gals Lodz; student and activist Kajetan Chlipalski.

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This Is About More Than Abortion Rights in Poland

Poland's protests can be a rallying cry for a new feminist internationalism that demands and wins public services for care, social housing, universal health care, and wage justice.



In Polish director Marta Górnicka’s revolutionary production, “The Chorus of
Women,” twenty-five women appear on stage, whispering, singing, and yelling in
haunting tones, “be beautiful,” “be quiet” — “be a woman.” The trilogy sees the
choir scream and gasp against chants of the Bacchae and the gospels, and in one
play, utter the hoarse, final words — “I’m calling out to you.”

Gornicka’s chorus is echoed on the streets of Warsaw today. Tens of thousands
of women are in open revolt against Poland’s new abortion ban. Their slogan of
choice, “Wypierdalać” translates to “get the fuck out of here.” “[N]ow we are
mad, not just unhappy,” wrote feminist philosopher Ewa Majewska, echoing the
protesters, “I am terrified;” “I feel unimportant.” Their signs read: “women’s

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Women Take To The Streets For Abortion Rights In Poland

9 Nov 2020
Shamim Malekmian

It started as a battle for women’s bodily autonomy – and against the domination exerted by the Roman Catholic Church in Poland. But – especially for young people – it has become a wider revolutionary struggle in opposition to the rise of far-right nationalism, and of neo-Nazi thugs. We talk to women’s activists living in Poland and in Ireland about the battle so far...

Protests erupted across Poland recently, triggered by the introduction of a near-total ban on abortion by the country’s largely Roman Catholic, right-wing Government. When Julia Marciniak saw what was happening in the country where she was born, she decided to use her holidays to travel home. She was hoping that she would be there for an uprising.

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Auntie Czech to help Polish women deprived of abortion rights

Angered and disappointed with the recent anti-abortion court ruling in her home country, a young Polish artist living in the Czech Republic is organising help for her compatriots.

Anja Vladisavljevic, Zagreb
November 9, 2020

“Sadness, big sadness, disappointment… and anger”: that's what a Polish artist residing in the Czech capital, Jolanta Nowaczyk, felt when she learnt last month about the anti-abortion court ruling in her home country.

Soon after the controversial court decision on October 22, which effectively outlaws abortion by banning terminations where the foetus is severely damaged or malformed, Nowaczyk organised a protest in front of the Polish embassy in Prague. But that was not the only action she took: Nowaczyk is now also launching an initiative that aims to help Polish women needing an abortion to come to the Czech Republic for the procedure.

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As Polish abortion laws tighten women fear an impossible choice

Her baby could not possibly survive. Still they decided she should have it

Kasia Strek, Warsaw | Peter Conradi

Saturday November 07 2020

Sitting on a hard plastic seat in the corridor of the Bielanski Hospital in
north Warsaw last week, waiting for her abortion pill to take effect,
Malgorzata quietly recounted her struggle to get a termination for a foetal
abnomality in a country bitterly divided over the sanctity of unborn life.

While huge crowds have been on the streets to oppose a hardening of Poland’s already
strict abortion laws, Malgorzata has had to travel from hospital to hospital to
find one willing to help her.

It was six weeks ago, during the 12th week of her pregnancy, that the
34-year-old businesswoman learnt there was something wrong with the baby she
was carrying: it was too small, did not move much and there was an abnormality
in the jawbone.

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