GP cash incentive linked to fall in UK abortion rates, study finds

Use of long-acting reversible contraceptives rose due to scheme encouraging targeted advice to women

Nicola Davis, Science correspondent
Mon 14 Sep 2020

A scheme that gave GP surgeries cash incentives to tell women about long-acting reversible methods of contraception has been linked to a sharp fall in abortion rates.

Long-acting reversible contraceptives, known as Larcs, include the implant, intrauterine device and contraceptive injection and are highly effective.


New Zealand: Abortion rate drops to lowest in 25 years

Abortion rate drops to lowest in 25 years
19 Jun, 2017

Abortions have dropped to the lowest rate in over 25 years.

The general abortion rate - abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 - was 13.5 per 1000 women in 2016, down from 14.2 in 2015.

Statistics NZ reported that the abortion rates for younger women have fallen significantly in recent years whereas the rate has stayed the same for older women.

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