‘Brave Sisters’ Tackle Croatia’s Growing Stigma Over Abortion

As women in Croatia encounter even greater difficulties in obtaining access to terminations of pregnancy, feminists are launching a new project to help them exercise what often seems a disappearing right.

Anja Vladisavljevic, Zagreb
December 1, 2020

Women’s rights activists in Croatia have been warning for years that, while legal, abortion is becoming less and less available in the mainly Catholic country.

“The opponents of abortion will stop at nothing,” Nada Peratovic, a lawyer and women’s rights activist, told BIRN.

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Croatia – Minister Refuses to Reveal Writers of New Abortion Law

Minister Refuses to Reveal Writers of New Abortion Law


ZAGREB, November 26, 2018 - The new abortion law is expected to be finalised by February next year, and since this is a very sensitive matter, the recently established commission will first analyse the existing legislation in European Union countries, both those in which abortion is banned and those in which it is fully liberalised, Health Minister Milan Kujundžić told Hina on Monday.

The bill drafting commission has about ten members, including representatives of the medical profession, bioethicists and jurists, who will primarily focus on the results of legislation in the EU rather than on worldview issues, the minister said. He would not reveal the names of the commission members or of the institutions they come from, citing the sensitivity of the matter.

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Croatia refuses to ban abortion

Croatia refuses to ban abortion

Croatia’s Constitutional Court has upheld a law allowing abortion, saying the legislation does not breach the country’s constitution.
However, the court urged parliament to pass new abortion legislation within two years.
The head of the Constitutional Court, Miroslav Separovic, told a news conference that current legislation allowing a woman to terminate up to the 10th week of pregnancy did not breach the constitution.

“It is not up to the Consitutional Court to rule when human life begins,” Separovic told reporters.

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