#MyBodyMyChoice: The Unsettling State of Abortion Laws In India

#MyBodyMyChoice: The Unsettling State of Abortion Laws In India

By Hridika Rao
5th June, 2020

Even in the 21st century, the term ‘abortion” brings with itself an enormous amount of stigma and dishonour to many cultures of the world. It is extremely terrifying living in a world, where foeticide is still criminalized in most countries as of now. Banning abortion, raises the single most important issue, that how can anyone be truly free if they do not have control over the actions of their bodies?

This further comes in sync with the notions of the right to freedom and privacy and has led to the foundations of many human rights movements since time immemorial.

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South Africa – Art exhibition highlights abortion stigma

Art exhibition highlights abortion stigma

27th September 2019
Marcia Zali

The Voices and Choices exhibition will put a spotlight on issues of abortion and reproductive justice in the country, as part of the #MybodyMychoice coalition campaign.

South Africans from different organisations and communities are expected to have a unique experience surrounding conversations about the stigma associated with abortion. The multimedia Voices and Choices exhibition is a collaboration of South African female artists under the curatorship of Mmabatho Montsho.

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As A Doctor, I’m Shocked To See Women Asking For ‘Homemade’ Abortion Solutions

As A Doctor, I’m Shocked To See Women Asking For ‘Homemade’ Abortion Solutions

SHEROES in #MyBodyMyChoice
Oct 17, 2018

By Dr Michelle Frank:

Being a doctor, my daily interactions reveal some startling facts. Although abortion is a woman’s basic right, she’s stuck in a moral dilemma when confronted with naysayers who say – “While other women are experiencing difficulty in conceiving, you’re choosing abortion?” Women still hide behind the tabooed cloak thinking that abortions are illegal or morally wrong. This is not surprising as women are regularly shamed for wanting rights over their bodies.

I want to ask – “How many of us think of consulting an OB-GYN for an abortion?” For most women and girls, popping that infamous abortion pill seems so much easier and so very confidential.

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South Africa – #MyBodyMyChoice: The Right To Safe Abortion Is Protected By Law

#MyBodyMyChoice: The Right To Safe Abortion Is Protected By Law

Shaazia Ebrahim
On Oct 1, 2018

Cries of “my body, my choice”, “my vagina my choice” and “phansi unsafe abortions” rang in the air in the name of the campaign #MyBodyMyChoice. A group of people marched from Theatre Park in Braamfontein to Newtown Park in the name of access to quality reproductive healthcare services on Friday. There, an event featuring speeches from experts in the field, panel discussions, personal stories of women, and a musical performance was staged. Friday September 28 also marked International Safe Abortion Day.

The aim of the digital campaign #MyBodyMyChoice is to break the silence around abortion by connecting key audiences and create conversations around sexual and reproductive health and rights and abortion. It also aimed to emphasise that abortion is legal in South Africa and inform women about their rights and how to realise them.

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