Italy’s ‘fetus graves’ renew abortion debate

Discovery of burials women did not authorise highlights issues of stigma, Catholic groups’ influence and medical community’s failure.

By Virginia Pietromarchi
16 Oct 2020

Rome, Italy – The words on the crucifix read Francesca Rossi*. Yet Francesca Rossi was standing right in front of it, alive.

Many other wooden crosses bearing only a female name and a date were also stuck in the ground nearby, some dating back as far as 2004.


Spain: “The doctors’ right to object nearly cost me my life”

Health system ordered to compensate woman who lost uterus after hospital refused to carry out abortion
by Cristina Huete
Ourense 9 NOV 2016

“I haven’t been the same since,” says Paula, bursting into tears as she recalls the events of four years ago when she had to travel 354 miles from Burela, in Lugo, Galicia, to Madrid by car to terminate a much-wanted pregnancy that was impossible to carry through to term.

The Galician public health service, SERGAS, refused to perform the necessary termination, invoking the doctor’s right to objection on moral grounds, referring her instead to a private clinic in Madrid. The journey was difficult and as soon as she arrived, she was transferred to the emergency ward at La Paz hospital where her womb was removed in order to save her life.

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Source: El Pais