Hundreds March in Puerto Rico in Defense of Abortion Rights

By: Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco
MAY 31, 2022

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A green wave of pro-choice demonstrators washed over Old San Juan on Saturday, May 28 —the International Day of Action for Women’s Health— to demand abortion rights be protected in the face of legislative attacks.

Following a leaked draft ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that signaled it was moving to overturn Roe v. Wade, and a push to limit abortion at 22 weeks by the Puerto Rico Life and Family Commission with Senate Project 693 (PS 693), pro-choice activists gathered in front of the Jose V. Toledo Courthouse in Old San Juan for a “Marea Verde por el Derecho a Decidir” (Green Wave for the Right to Decide) to protest against the assault on reproductive rights.


Thousands march in El Salvador to demand abortion rights


San Salvador (AFP) – Around 2,000 women marched in El Salvador's capital on Sunday to demand the legalization of abortion and a decrease in the killings of women in the Central American country.

With slogans such as "It's my body, abortion is my right," "No more patriarchal violence" and "Women are strong and together we take care of ourselves," they demonstrated in San Salvador wearing purple or green scarves around their necks in anticipation of International Women's Day on March 8.


El Salvador women march against abortion laws amid planned Latin America-wide protests

Sep 28, 2021
By Ana Isabel Martinez and Gerardo Arbaiza

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) – Scores of people in El Salvador waved green flags and marched through the capital San Salvador en route to Congress to demand loosening of the country’s “strict” abortion laws, with similar protests planned across Latin American cities.

Holding up banners saying “it’s our right to decide” and “legal abortion, safe and free,” the mostly-women protesters met as part of the “International Safe Abortion Day” being marked around the globe.


Mexican Activists Take to Streets to Demand Safe, Legal Abortions

Mexican Activists Take to Streets to Demand Safe, Legal Abortions

By Reuters
September 29, 2019

MEXICO CITY - Mexican activists took to the streets in large cities Saturday to demand safe and legal abortions, many wearing green bandanas that have become a symbol with the abortion rights movement in Latin America.

The protests on International Safe Abortion Day come after the Mexican state of Oaxaca on Wednesday approved a bill to legalize abortion, making it only the second region after Mexico City to permit the procedure.


Ireland – Abortion campaigners protest ‘restrictions’ in legislation

Abortion campaigners protest ‘restrictions’ in legislation
Hundreds march through Dublin and call for introduction of safe zones around facilities

Sep 28, 2019
Shauna Bowers

Abortion rights activists marched through Dublin on Saturday to protest against the “restrictions” in the Ireland’s abortion legislation.

The theme of the 8th annual march, which was the first since Ireland legalised abortion in December last year, was “nobody left behind”.


Hundreds join abortion rights rally in Dublin

Hundreds join abortion rights rally in Dublin

Saturday, 28 Sep 2019

Hundreds of people have taken part in an abortion rights march in Dublin.

Campaigners want the amount of time women must wait for a termination reduced.

At present women must wait for three days after a doctor certifies they are no more than 12 weeks' pregnant - characterised by the Government as a "cooling off" period.


Argentina activists renew fight to legalise abortion

Argentina activists renew fight to legalise abortion
Thousands of abortion rights advocates march in Buenos Aires as new legislation is presented in Congress.

by Natalie Alcoba
May 28, 2019

Buenos Aires - In scenes that were repeated across Argentina, thousands of people streamed along the arteries of the capital city of Buenos Aires on Tuesday for a massive demonstration that marked the next chapter in the fight to legalise abortion in the country.

Defiantly thrusting arms brandishing the campaign's emblematic green handkerchief up in the air, the crowd converged before the National Congress, where the new project to legalise abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy was officially presented.


Women from across two countries march through Belfast for abortion rights

Women from across two countries march through Belfast for abortion rights
The march was organised to follow on from International Women's Day, and organisers say women's rights are being denied

Jem Collins
Saturday March 9th 2019

Hundreds of women have marched through Belfast demanding liberalised abortion rights, bringing the city centre to a standstill just a day after International Women’s Day.

Northern Ireland’s biggest political party, the DUP, which in Westminster supports Theresa May’s minority government, supports restrictions on terminations and has prevented change in the past.


New Zealand – Hundreds march on Parliament calling for abortion law reform

Hundreds march on Parliament calling for abortion law reform

Sam Tattersfield and Felix Desmarais
Dec 05 2018

Hundreds marched from Frank Kitts Park to Parliament on Wednesday to demand the decriminalisation of abortion.

Despite a blustering squall, the crowd of about 300 rallied below the statue of former Prime Minister Richard Seddon on Parliament's forecourt.


Australia – Doctors, nurses and pollies march in support of abortion reform

Doctors, nurses and pollies march in support of abortion reform

By Alison Brown
14 October 2018

Doctors, nurses and politicians from all sides of politics were among the 1000-strong crowd who braved Sunday showers to march through Brisbane in support of proposed changes to Queensland’s abortion laws.

The laws, which will be put to the Queensland Parliament next week, allow for abortion up to 22 weeks gestation, provide safe access zones around clinics, and require doctors who conscientiously object to refer patients to another medical professional.