USA – Abortion exceptions “have no meaning at all” — and estimates of pregnancies by rape prove it

A new report estimates 65,000 pregnancies by rape in abortion-ban states, underscoring the fallacy of these laws

JANUARY 26, 2024

For years, Dr. Samuel Dickman was an abortion provider in Texas. Currently, he works as the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood in Montana. But in both states, he’s had patients who have spontaneously revealed that they were pregnant as a result of rape.

Dickman and his colleagues thought if some people are revealing this to their abortion providers, without being prompted, there have to be more who aren’t because they understandably don’t feel comfortable doing so. Moreover, what was happening to pregnant survivors of rape in states with abortion bans?


64K women and girls became pregnant due to rape in states with abortion bans, study estimates

The research letter, published by JAMA Internal Medicine, estimated that nearly 520,000 rapes were associated with 64,565 pregnancies across 14 states.

Jan. 24, 2024
By Megan Lebowitz

More than 64,000 women and girls became pregnant because of rape in states that implemented abortion bans after Roe v. Wade was overruled, according to a new research estimate published online Wednesday.

The research letter, published by JAMA Internal Medicine and headed up by the medical director at Planned Parenthood of Montana, estimated that nearly 520,000 rapes were associated with 64,565 pregnancies across 14 states, most of which had no exceptions that allowed for terminations of pregnancies that occurred as a result of rape.


A disturbing judicial trend to inhibit access to abortion services in India

Two decisions, one of the Kerala High Court and the other of the Supreme Court of India represent a disturbing new trend of courts leaning away from respect for bodily autonomy and the choice of a pregnant person in access to abortion services.

JANUARY 7, 2024

IN a short span of four days, from December 18 to December 22, the fate of a 12-year-old girl child who is pregnant due to rape by her minor brother was decided by the Kerala High Court.

The girl child sought termination of the pregnancy on the ground that giving birth would lead to “cataclysmic consequences to her physiological and psychological condition”.


India – 55-year-old rapist, nurse who performed abortion on minor held under Pocso Act in TN

According to a police source, the accused farmer of Ponnivadi village in Dharapuram owned several acres of farmland in the locality.

30th December 2023

TIRUPPUR: Police on Friday arrested a 55-year-old man under Pocso Act for sexually assaulting a girl and making the minor abort the baby in Dharapuram. A nurse attached to the Dharapuram Government Hospital was also arrested for her role in the Dalit girl’s abortion.

According to a police source, the accused farmer of Ponnivadi village in Dharapuram owned several acres of farmland in the locality. The 16-year-old girl was working as a farmhand in his field. The accused sexually assaulted her repeatedly, and three months ago, the minor became pregnant.


Gov minister highlights abortion rights, sex-ed for children, and Sri Lanka men killing their women

Monday December 4, 2023

Sri Lanka’s legislators have politicized the topics of rape and violence without addressing the elephant in the room, Jeevan Thondaman, Minister of Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development said in parliament on Monday (4).

“All the members here are talking about rape. What happens after that? We must talk about abortion rights. That is not something anyone wants to touch on, and that is why we are in this place right now,” Thondaman said.


Public healthcare in northern Mexico is dodging federal rules on abortion

Mexican law allows abortion for victims of rape – but state hospitals and politicians often stand in their way

Dánae Vílchez, Verónica Martínez
2 November 2023

Mexican federal regulations to provide emergency abortion services to victims of rape are being systematically flouted by state government health workers and law enforcement bodies in regions bordering the US, an investigation by openDemocracy and La Verdad de Juárez has found.

Federal regulations permit women and girls to have an abortion if they are victims of rape. But hospitals and police in northern Mexican states – where there is a growing rate of sexual violence and high prevalence of under-age pregnancy – stop abused pregnant women from taking control of their healthcare decisions, say medical sources and rights advocates.


India – Force-fed abortion pills, raped minor dies in Jabalpur

Oct 20, 2023

BHOPAL: Forced to take abortion pills, a minor rape survivor from Katni died in a private hospital is Jabalpur on Thursday night. Police are looking for the alleged rapist and a woman who bought the pills for him. The victim’s mother has told police that the child was suffering from stomach pain for the last four months. Her health kept deteriorating. She was initially treated in the village itself but the pain got worse and her parents took her to Jabalpur, where she was hospitalized on Wednesday evening.


India – Raped by father,  12-year-old moves Gujarat HC for abortion

Sep 5, 2023

AHMEDABAD: Two days after registering a criminal complaint against a man for allegedly impregnating his 12-year-old daughter, the mother and minor victim on Monday moved the Gujarat high court for permission to abort her nearly 28-week pregnancy.

The high court ordered the medical superintendent of the department of obstetrics at Sir Sayajirao Gaikwad General Hospital in Vadodara to have the girl examined by a panel of doctor on Tuesday, in accordance with the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. A report is to be submitted to the court on Wednesday.  


Reassessing India’s Abortion Laws: A Call for Change

Kanav Narayan Sahgal

Nearly two decades ago, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment in Suchita Srivastava & Anr vs Chandigarh Administration. The judgment stayed the orders of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, which had ruled that a ‘mentally retarded woman‘ who was raped while residing in a government-run welfare institution in Chandigarh should undergo a medical termination of pregnancy (MTP). The woman in question was an orphan who had been abandoned by her parents at an early age and was under the guardianship of the Missionaries of Charity, New Delhi.

Despite her willingness to bear a child, the High Court ruled in favour of the proposed abortion. However, the Supreme Court held that her pregnancy could not be terminated without her consent, as doing so would not serve her best interest. The Court emphasized that a woman’s right to make reproductive choices is an essential aspect of ‘personal liberty‘ under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. This right allows women to choose whether to procreate or refrain from procreating, with the key consideration being respect for their privacy, dignity, and bodily integrity. Any restrictions on reproductive choices should only be in line with the provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, 1971.


Peru allows abortion of 11-year-old rape victim after UN pressure

August 17, 2023

LIMA - An 11-year-old rape victim was allowed an abortion in Peru over the weekend after being initially refused the procedure, in a case that rights groups say highlights the lack of support for minors who suffer sexual abuse.

The girl, publicly identified only as "Mila," was raped for years by her stepfather, according to a police report. Earlier this month, Mila - approaching 18 weeks pregnant - was turned away at a hospital in the Amazon region of Loreto, which refused to perform the abortion.