Thailand – A choice, not a death warrant

A choice, not a death warrant
Many unaware safe abortion an option

29 Jun 2020
Penchan Charoensuthipan

Noi thought her world had tumbled down when she discovered she was pregnant at
the age of 50.

But it has dawned on Noi, a teacher, that an unwanted pregnancy could happen to
any woman, young or old. What compounds the already dire situation for many
women is that they feel their only choice is to have an illegal abortion.


Thailand’s abortions are modern and safe. They’re also out of reach for most women

Thailand’s abortions are modern and safe. They’re also out of reach for most women (Video)

By Teirra Kamolvattanavith
Sep 26, 2019

The man on stage pulled a thin plastic tube out of a dragon fruit before a captivated audience. A little “blood” seeped out; the audience gasped. The man was a gynecologist, the dragon fruit was standing in for a uterus, and with the tube he was demonstrating vacuum-aspiration abortion.

“Abortion has been performed for thousands of year, but in the last century, we have new technology that’s made the process completely safe, like this equipment right here,” said Sunya Patrachai, an OB/GYN professor at the renowned Mahidol University, as he waved the tiny suction tube in the air. “Yet, only 30 percent of all doctors performing abortions in Thailand use this method.”.


Thailand: Hypocrisy holds back use of abortion pills

by Sanitsuda Ekachai
28 Sep 2016

Here's the good news about women's health in Thailand as the world marks International Safe Abortion Day Wednesday: safe, easy and legal abortions are finally a reality here. And they're also free.

Here's the bad news: It's still very difficult for women to get medication abortion services from state hospitals.

"The problem is not a lack of medical technology. Nor the law. It's the die-hard hypocrisy our society has for women and young girls with unplanned pregnancies," said Kritaya Archavanitkul, a reproductive health activist and associate professor in demography.

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Source: Bangkok Post