USA – The Intertwined Future of Attacks on Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care

We’re poised to fight back against state legislative efforts to control our bodies and limit access to essential health care.

Rose Mackenzie, Arli Christian, ACLU
January 18, 2023

Last year was a devastating one for our right and ability to make personal decisions about our own bodies and medical care. We saw the end of the protections from Roe v. Wade, abortion banned in more than a dozen states, and four states restrict access to gender-affirming care for youth. This year we’re sure to see more attacks that find even more extreme ways to control our bodies. And we know that these attacks won’t stop with abortion and gender-affirming care; the same politicians seeking to control the bodies of pregnant people are coming for our right to access birth control, to marry whom we love, and even to vote.


Rwanda – Women’s rights are human rights: the right to autonomy and self-determination

By Brenda Mutoni
September 30, 2021

Worldwide, women enjoy 25% fewer legal rights than men. Millions of women around the world are not able to make decisions about their own bodies.

According to research published in September 2021 by UNFPA titled “My body is my own. Claiming the right to autonomy and self-determination”, just over half of women and girls in middle- and low-income countries have the right to decide for themselves whether they have sex, use contraception or seek medical care. In some sub-Saharan countries, the figure is even below 10%.