Canada doctors group breaks silence on “unproven” abortion ‘reversal’ treatment

openDemocracy’s investigation prompts Canada’s Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to speak out against this controversial ‘treatment’

Joni Hess, Annie Burns-Pieper

26 March 2021

Canada’s national society of obstetricians and gynaecologists has issued a
statement warning that so-called ‘abortion pill reversal’ treatment is
“unproven” and can also cause “serious complications” for patients.

The statement – the first by a Canadian medical association to address this
topic – was issued in response to findings from an openDemocracy investigation that
reveals how this controversial ‘treatment’ is spreading from the US around the


Anti-Abortion Groups Quietly Installed Activists Into Top Positions Inside the Conservative Party of Canada

Nearly 40% of the Conservative Party of Canada's newly elected National Council members were endorsed by anti-abortion groups

by PressProgress
March 22, 2021

Anti-abortion groups are declaring victory after securing at least seven of 18 top spots on the Conservative Party of Canada’s powerful National Council.

The National Council has powers set-out in the Conservative Party’s constitution controlling the party’s budget, creating party bylaws and, importantly, setting rules for local nomination races and candidate selection.


Canada – Abortion issue is off the table as Conservatives launch pre-election policy convention

'I think our voice is being suppressed,' says spokesperson for anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition

John Paul Tasker · CBC News
Posted: Mar 18, 2021

Conservative party delegates from across the country begin a three-day virtual policy convention today — likely their last before the next federal election. But some of the most contentious social issues won't be up for debate.

A larger list of policy proposals was narrowed down by electoral district associations (EDAs) to a relatively concise 23-page booklet earlier this month.


Canada – Candidates’ views on conversion therapy, abortion raise questions about Scheer’s promise to leave social issues alone

Daphne Bramham: Candidates' views on conversion therapy, abortion raise questions about Scheer's promise to leave social issues alone

Opinion: Burnaby Tory candidate Heather Leung believes therapy can cure gays and that abortion should never be an option even in cases of rape and incest. She and other anti-abortion candidates make it tough to believe Andrew Scheer's promise that the issues wouldn't be revisited if Conservatives form government.

Daphne Bramham
Updated: October 3, 2019

For a leader who insists that his party won’t reopen debate on same-sex marriage, abortion and medically assisted dying, Conservative Andrew Scheer doesn’t make it easy for people to believe him.

His own unblemished voting record of opposing same-sex marriage and abortion is a stumbling block. So is his promise to allow members of Parliament to speak freely and potentially introduce private members’ bills on these issues.


Canada – Abortion is constitutional right and, unfortunately, an election issue

Abortion is constitutional right and, unfortunately, an election issue

Jennifer Taylor argues Canadians can’t trust the Tory leader on his promise to avert the anti-abortion movement
Abortion is constitutional right and, unfortunately, an election issue

By Jennifer Taylor
OPINION 23 Sep 2019

It’s been 50 years since abortion was partly decriminalized in Canada, and 31 years since R v Morgentaler, the Supreme Court of Canada decision that struck down the remaining Criminal Code restrictions. Surely, in 2019, Canadians have accepted that there is a constitutional right to abortion access in this country, and abortion is a publicly funded health care service – not a subject for debate. We’ve moved on. Right?

Unfortunately, not.


The sorry state of abortion access in Saskatchewan

The sorry state of abortion access in Saskatchewan

Sask Dispatch, by Sara Birrell
Sep 5, 2019

It has been more than 30 years since the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in R. v. Morgentaler found Canada’s anti-abortion laws to be such an egregious overreach of state power that they violate Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the right to “life, liberty, and security of the person.” Since then, under the law, abortion has been treated as what it is: a morally and ethically neutral medical treatment. But while the decision ostensibly means that any pregnant person should be able to access medical (that is, induced by a drug) or surgical abortions at any time, the nature of the Canadian health-care system, which puts control of services in the hands of the provinces, means that abortion care is a patchwork that leaves many pregnant Canadians – especially those who are poor, Indigenous, young, or in rural and remote communities – to endure unwanted pregnancies.


Why social issues are a hot topic in Canada’s autumn election

Why social issues are a hot topic in Canada's autumn election
Social issues like gay marriage and abortion have taken centre stage in the lead up to Canada's autumn election, as the Liberal Party tries to convince voters that the Conservatives want to backtrack on LGBTQ and abortion rights.

30 August 2019

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has fired an early salvo against Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer, and his past record on gay marriage and abortion.

But whether it will wound his primary opponent remains to be seen.

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Canada – Calling out Andrew Scheer’s religious extremism

Calling out Andrew Scheer's religious extremism
With an election on the way it needs to be asked whether the man who wants to be prime minister really does believe that LGBTQ people are disordered and immoral

by Michael Coren
June 30, 2019

Once again Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the man who wants to be the country’s next prime minister, has refused to participate in Toronto's annual Pride parade. It’s the third year in a row that Scheer has declined.

At a time when homophobic violence and abuse has seen a tragic upturn in the west (including Canada) – and when homosexuality is still considered a crime punishable by imprisonment or even execution in numerous countries – the reasons Scheer has offered for his absence have varied. But none have been credible.


From America to Ontario: The political impact of the Christian right

From America to Ontario: The political impact of the Christian right

December 4, 2018
André Gagné
Andréa Febres-Gagné

Over the past few years, Christian right groups have made inroads into the political landscape of certain countries. Two recent examples have been the American and Brazilian elections.

Among Christian right organizations, 81 per cent of white evangelicals are credited with helping propel Donald Trump to the White House in 2016.


Canada: Sask. Party leadership candidate walks back comment on abortion for rape victims

Sask. Party leadership candidate walks back comment on abortion for rape victims
The Canadian Press
Published November 23, 2017

REGINA — A candidate for premier of Saskatchewan is walking back his anti-abortion comments while some female politicians and women's groups say abortion should no longer be up for political debate.

Saskatchewan Party legislature member Ken Cheveldayoff told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that he believes life begins at conception and that abortions should be restricted only to women whose lives are in jeopardy. He was then asked about victims of sexual assault.

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