UK – Renewed calls for abortion clinic buffer zones to protect women from abuse

29th May
By PA News Agency

Medical leaders have made a renewed call for legislation to protect women from “unacceptable” harassment and intimidation outside abortion clinics.

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), which represents more than 14,000 UK doctors, has issued a new position statement calling for a nationwide network of buffer zones around abortion clinics.


UK – Tory MPs call for home early abortion service to be made permanent

March 28, 2022

Three Tory MPs are urging colleagues to vote in favour of an abortion service which allows women to take tablets to terminate early pregnancies at home.

The service was brought in during the pandemic, meaning women could take the pills up to 10 weeks into their pregnancy without visiting a clinic.

Peers have moved to make the service permanent, with MPs getting to vote on the proposal on Wednesday.


UK – No10 ‘culture clash’ over DIY abortion pills

Sajid Javid's plans to end controversial 'pills by post' policy introduced during the Covid pandemic could be made permanent

By Gabriella Swerling and Edward Malnick, The Telegraph
19 February 2022

The temporary ‘DIY abortion’ system could be made permanent, The Telegraph can disclose, amid a “culture clash” of beliefs in Government.

No10 aides are understood to be pushing to continue the ‘pills by post’ system introduced during the pandemic, which allows women in the first nine weeks and six days of pregnancy to be sent two abortion tablets after a telephone or video consultation.


UK – Will easy, early abortions become another casualty of the Tories’ culture war?

Doctors say a return to pre-Covid rules, where women had to get a clinic appointment, will leave thousands waiting too long

Polly Toynbee
Thu 10 Feb 2022

How long ago the Abortion Act of 1967 seems now, and yet the struggle for a woman’s right to control her own body never ends. Time and again this basic principle comes under attack from rightwing and religious lobbies forever seeking to limit and reverse it.

Now they are at it yet again. As the prime minister dashes to roll back all coronavirus legislation a month early to mollify his rebels, the health secretary, Sajid Javid, and his junior minister, Maggie Throup, will decide whether to maintain the abortion laws that were introduced as part of emergency Covid laws, allowing women to request earlier and easier terminations at home. If Javid and Throup instead return to the old abortion laws that were in place before Covid, where women had to have an in-person clinic visit in order to get an abortion, thousands of women will have to chase scarce clinical appointments, forcing many to wait beyond the time limit for medical abortions.


UK – Mother died of post-abortion sepsis after neglect by NHS

Katie Gibbons
Monday November 08 2021

Ministers have been urged to act after an investigation found that repeated NHS failures to spot sepsis after an abortion had contributed to the death of a young mother.

A coroner has written to Sajid Javid, the health secretary, expressing concern for the “lack of knowledge in the health service” on how to spot fatal infection after a medical termination.

Sarah Dunn, 31, died in April last year four weeks after a planned abortion. An inquest concluded that “gross neglect” from NHS doctors and healthcare workers had contributed to her death.


The UK’s Conservative Political Figures Linked to the US Anti-Abortion Drive

Numerous Conservative MPs, donors, and allies have spoken at and collaborated with Washington D.C. think tanks and organisations working to overturn the state-wide right to safe, legal abortion in the US

Sian Norris and Heidi Siegmund Cuda
24 August 2021

Leading Conservative MPs and their donors have close ties to think tanks, networks and foundations determined to roll-back abortion rights in the US, Byline Times can reveal.

Liz Truss, Sajid Javid, Dr Liam Fox, Daniel Hannan, and Owen Paterson all have links to the radical-right Heritage Foundation think tank which lobbies against abortion rights.


UK – Disabilities activists are waging war on women’s freedom

Heidi Carter's attempt to change the Abortion Act threatens women's reproductive rights.

Ella Whelan, Spiked
7th July 2021

Heidi Carter is a 24-year-old woman with Down’s syndrome. She is currently taking the UK health secretary Sajid Javid to court in an effort to change the 1967 Abortion Act.

Carter and her team want to take away the option women currently have to abort a pregnancy after 24 weeks in cases of non-fatal disabilities. Her supporters are framing this as a battle for the rights of disabled people. This is misleading. It should be understood as an attempt to limit the choice and freedoms of 34million women.


UK – Woman with Down’s syndrome takes Sajid Javid to court over abortion law

Heidi Crowter alongside Máire Lea-Wilson and her son Aidan argue the 1967 act is discriminatory

Haroon Siddique, Legal affairs correspondent
Tue 6 Jul 2021

Allowing pregnancy terminations up to birth if the foetus has Down’s syndrome is discriminatory and stigmatises disabled people, the high court has heard.

Heidi Crowter, a 26-year-old woman with Down’s syndrome from Coventry, Máire Lea-Wilson, 33, and her son Aidan, who has Down’s syndrome, who both live in Brentford, west London are challenging Sajid Javid over the Abortion Act 1967. The act sets a 24-week time limit for abortions unless there is “substantial risk” of the child being “seriously handicapped”.


UK – Woman with Down’s syndrome leads challenge to ‘discriminatory’ law on abortion

'I will not tolerate it,’ says Heidi Carter, 24, whose team is demanding an end to terminations up to delivery

Sian Griffiths, Education Editor
Sunday July 04 2021

Heidi Carter will celebrate her first wedding anniversary today. She can tell you the birthdate of any celebrity and has called her Facebook page Living the Dream. Her mother, Liz Crowter, describes her as “an absolute joy”.

But when Crowter gave birth to Heidi, the third of her four children, she was initially upset to learn that her baby had Down’s syndrome. “We really struggled to accept the diagnosis and to love Heidi as we did the others,” said Crowter, 55. “We were told when she was being treated in hospital in the early weeks that she would not survive. It was at those times we realised we did love her and wanted her to come home with us. Now we can’t imagine life without her.”


Calls for exclusion zones outside UK abortion clinics amid protests

Calls for exclusion zones outside UK abortion clinics amid protests
Group of 45 people stopped women as they left centre in Finsbury Park on Saturday

Aamna Mohdin
Sat 8 Feb 2020

A leading provider of abortion care has criticised the Home Office for refusing to introduce exclusion zones after a group of anti-abortion activists protested outside a north London clinic on Saturday morning.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) said its clinic in Finsbury Park had never had any problem with demonstrations until Saturday, when staff and clients were met with a group of 45 people protesting outside the centre.