Is abortion legal in China, how common is it and why is it controversial?

Mimi Lau
19 Jun, 2022

The US Supreme Court is expected to overturn the country’s landmark 1973 Roe v Wade ruling, which guaranteed women’s right to abortion nationwide despite widespread protests, according to a draft of a majority opinion that was leaked last month.

In China – which has one of the world’s highest recorded abortion rates – women’s reproductive rights have also historically been a contentious issue, but are seen through a very different cultural lens.


Abortion in Asia: The limits of choice

The overturning of Roe v. Wade could be a watershed for U.S. women's rights. Is the same true in Asia?

JUNE 15, 2022

"Keeping it was never an option," says Rara, a woman in her 20s from Jakarta, Indonesia.

It was 2017 and Rara (not her real name) was studying communication at a private university in the capital. After falling pregnant by her unmarried partner, who had another girlfriend at the time, she felt she could not disappoint her devout Muslim parents.


How Racist Sex-Selective Abortion Bans in US Wrongfully Target Asian Americans

Appropriating the gender equality rhetoric, supporters of such bills portray the issue to be about women’s rights.

28 May 2022

Eleven states in USA have active abortion bans for reason of sex selection. Since 2009, almost half of the US state legislatures have considered bills to block sex-selective abortion.

In 2012 anti-sex-selective legislation was the second most proposed anti-abortion prohibition in the US.


26-year-old Bajura woman struggling for life after unsafe abortion

By Himalayan News Service
Jan 22, 2022

Twenty-six-year-old Kali Thapa of Badimalika Municipality, Bajura, has been battling for life because of unsafe abortion. Having taken medicine for abortion from a medical shop in the district headquarters, Martadi, she has been struggling for life in Seti Zonal Hospital for want of blood.

Having suffered from excessive bleeding after taking the abortion-inducing drug, her kin had taken Kali to the district hospital. According to the hospital's information officer Nriparaj Giri, after it was found that she was suffering from excessive bleeding and her haemoglobin level was low, she was transferred to Bayalpata Hospital, Achham.


‘Families want a son at any cost’: the women forced to abort female foetuses in India

Laali and Meenakshi’s unborn daughters are among the country’s 46 million ‘missing’ women and girls over the past 50 years

Yashraj Sharma
Mon 27 Dec 2021

Laali was alone at home when she realised her legs were drenched in blood. The bleeding did not stop for eight hours. As she fell unconscious, the 25-year-old thought she would die alongside the foetus she was losing.

She had been three months pregnant when she was taken for prenatal sex determination. “When I learned it was a girl, I started feeling as though I was suffocating,” she says.


India – Is Media Channeling The Right Information On Abortion?

By Nayla Khwaja
September 16, 2021

As we know, pregnancy is usually celebrated
in Indian society and is considered a blessing and especially so, abortion
remains a tricky subject and has long been considered a taboo.

Abortion has been legal in India for past 50 years under certain circumstances
with the introduction of Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971  – “It can be performed until 24 weeks
pregnancy after Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act amendment 2021 comes in
force by notification in Gazette of India with notification of formation of
Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment 2021 rules and regulations.” Until
then, abortion law in India allowed termination of pregnancy till 20 weeks. The
latest amendments to the MTP act further increase the upper gestation limit for
termination of pregnancies under special conditions and aim to improve access
to safe and quality services for women.


India – Two held for illegally selling abortion kits

The FDA suspects the kits were used to abort girl children in the region. Police said the FDA joint commissioner had received a tip-off Friday that abortion drugs were being bought and sold illegally without bill and prescription from a registered pharmacy, Balaji Chemist.

Written by Vallabh Ozarkar | Mumbai

Updated: July
12, 2021

Tulinj Police has arrested a chemist shop owner and his accomplice for
allegedly selling medical kits for abortion illegally.

The accused, Devendra Sharma, is the owner of a medical shop in Nallasopara
east, police said. His accomplice, Krishna Pande would supply the kits to
Sharma. They were caught by a team of Food and Drugs Administration officials
and the police Saturday with the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) kits.


India – Woman survives botched abortion of female foetus

The surgery was carried out by a quack

JUNE 16, 2021

Vijayapura police have booked a man and his associates for causing injury to his wife by forcefully aborting her foetus because he did not want a girl child.

Vijayalakshmi Hadapad suffered blood loss during surgery by a quack. She is now recuperating in a private clinic.


House of Commons defeats bill to ban sex-selective abortion, but two thirds of Conservatives vote in favour

Brian Platt · Postmedia News
June 3, 2021

OTTAWA — A private member’s bill from a Conservative MP to ban sex-selection abortions was voted down in the House of Commons on Wednesday by a margin of 248 to 82, but about two thirds of the Conservative caucus voted in favour of it.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole voted against the bill, but 81 of 119 Conservative MPs voted in favour. The only other “yes” vote was from independent MP Derek Sloan, the former Conservative leadership candidate who was ejected from the caucus in January.


Study highlights significant concerns about a growing issue of sex-selective abortion in Nepal

Study highlights significant concerns about a
growing issue of sex-selective abortion in Nepal

Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.
Mar 19 2021

Detailed, new analysis published this week in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Open highlights significant concerns about a growing issue of sex selective
abortion of girls in Nepal.

Drawing on census data from 2011 and follow-on survey data from 2016, the
social scientists estimate that roughly one in 50 girl births were 'missing'
from records (i.e. had been aborted) between 2006-11 (22,540 girl births in
total). In the year before the census (June 2010 - June 2011) this had risen to
one in 38.