Tanzania: Govt Advised to Strengthen Legal Measures to Control Sexual Abuses

25 APRIL 2022
Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

CALL has been made to improve laws to control sexual abuses which contribute to unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions among young girls.

A health expert and Country Director of Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST) Vadacanthara Chandrashekar, hinted this in Dar es Salaam during Iftar organized by Marie Stopes Tanzania to the Muslim community.

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Kenya – Honest discussions needed on abortion and contraception

Honest discussions needed on abortion and contraception

Monday November 19 2018

Praying that things go away, seems to be a Kenyan, or indeed, African way of dealing with matters that we wish not to confront because they are incomprehensible, sinful or God’s will. Mental health is one such example. This myth has been dispelled by Hauwa Ojeifo, the founder of ‘She Writes Woman’, a mental health helpline in Nigeria.

Hauwa offers people who suffer mental health breakdowns an opportunity to talk their problems out and seek psychological help. I must acknowledge the phrase, “Praying things away”, as hers. We are also experiencing our own challenges of “praying things away” when dealing with incessant traffic accidents, corruption, election violence and now, abortion and teenage pregnancies.

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‘It destroyed the girl she was’: the toll of pregnancy on Paraguay’s children

'It destroyed the girl she was': the toll of pregnancy on Paraguay's children
Rampant child abuse, a culture that sexualizes young girls and draconian abortion laws have contributed to a child pregnancy rate that is among Latin America’s highest

Laurence Blair and Santi Carneri in Asunción
Thu 19 Jul 2018

When she took her 10-year-old daughter to hospital suffering stomach cramps and vomiting, Rosana had little idea of the ordeal ahead.

Several clinics had prescribed medicine for stomach parasites. One diagnosed a tumour. But a scan showed that the girl was several months pregnant.

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India rape victim, 13, seeks court approval for abortion

India rape victim, 13, seeks court approval for abortion

28 August 2017

The parents of a pregnant 13-year-old rape victim from the Indian city of Mumbai have gone to the Supreme Court seeking permission to abort her baby.

The girl is 30 weeks pregnant. Indian law allows terminations after 20 weeks only if the mother's life is in danger.

The pregnancy was discovered after her parents took her to a doctor to seek treatment for obesity.

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INDIA – 10-year-old girl delivered by caesarean section, and another case emerges

INDIA – 10-year-old girl delivered by caesarean section, and another case emerges

by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
Aug 22, 2017

The news travelled around the world: the child refused an abortion by both a district court in Chandigarh and the Supreme Court of India, in both cases on the grounds that abortion was too risky at 28 weeks and then again at 32 weeks, was delivered by c-section last week and will be kept in hospital for some 10 days. Although the hospital was reported to say that the child and the 2.2kg premature infant were both “doing fine”, the facts are other: The girl was put through major surgery. She was told a large stone had to be removed from her stomach. How will she feel when she is old enough to know better? Her abusive uncle is in prison. Her parents are shattered from the discovery of the abuse, the publicity the story generated and two failed court cases in which the girl’s interests were the least important item on the agenda and the facts about the safety of abortion at 28 weeks of pregnancy were absent.

The ink had barely dried on this case when another case emerged of a pregnant 12-year-old, also a victim of sexual abuse, also in the late second trimester of pregnancy, who was removed from her parents’ care on spurious grounds when she was first seen in the hospital. Thankfully, the Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT), who have a 24*7 support service for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, their families and doctors, were able to provide the necessary intervention so that her family got custody of their daughter back again. They will continue to help the girl and her family to cope up with whatever is in store for her. Her situation is uncertain, however. It has so far proved impossible to find a second obstetrician-gynaecologist willing to come forward to authorise/do an abortion on the grounds of serious risk to the girl’s mental health following rape, which is clearly permitted under the 1971 MTP Act.

Last week, however, for the first  time in India, a survivor of rape in Bihar was awarded compensation by the Supreme Court of 600,000 Rs (about US$ 10,600) for the delay in providing her with an abortion. The woman, aged 35, was 26 weeks pregnant. The High Court had called for a medical board to be constituted, to decide if she had a right to an abortion, leading to significant delay. The Supreme Court said the High Court failed to adhere to the stipulation in the MTP Act that abortion can be provided in the case of an allegation of rape. Thus, the Bihar case provides a judgment that advocates think can be built on.

The statistics on the scale of sexual abuse of children in India speak for themselves. The BBC reports that according to UNICEF and Indian government data:

> A child under 16 is raped every 155 minutes, a child under 10 every 13 hours

> More than 10,000 children were raped in 2015

> 240 million women living in India were married before they turned 18

> 53.22% of children who participated in a government study reported some form of sexual abuse

> 50% of abusers are known to the child or are “persons in trust and care-givers”.

SOURCES: BBC, 17 August 2017 ; LiveLaw India, by Apoorva Mandhani, 17 August 2017 ; E-mail from Padma Deosthali, CEHAT, 21 August 2017 ; PHOTO


Source: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion: http://www.safeabortionwomensright.org/india-10-year-old-girl-delivered-by-caesarean-section-and-another-case-emerges/