Uganda – Unwanted pregnancy? Who is to blame?

September 18, 2020
Doreen N Kyampeire, RedPepper Editorial

Growing up in a typical African home, girls are usually told not to bring home a pre-marital pregnancy and boys not to impregnate someone’s daughter out of wedlock. This threat by parents and guardians poses a mystery to the African child of how exactly this said “evil” happens.

They are never given the full detail on how pregnancy actually happens. This points to a very large gap in sexuality education. The little information got is from the senior women and men teachers in schools which is usually not comprehensive.


Malaysia – LETTER | Reduce adolescent pregnancy, uphold sexual and reproductive health

Federation of Reproductive Health Associations Malaysia
Published 9 Sep 2020

LETTER | We, leaders and representatives of civil society organisations, professional societies, scientific associations, faith-based organisations, government agencies and departments, private for-profit entities, non-governmental, non-profit organisations, and citizens of Malaysia, are united to reduce unintended adolescent pregnancies in Malaysia.

We desire a society where every person below 18 years of age enjoys health and well-being, is treated with love and respect, and is capable of realising their fullest potential. However, we are concerned with the reported rising rate of unprotected adolescent sexual activity, of which the health and social impacts include unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortion or miscarriages, disrupted education, child marriage, social stigma, and further victimisation.


Nepal – ‘Media coverage of safe abortion, marriage equality insufficient’

Kathmandu, August 20

A media monitoring study has concluded that mainstream daily newspapers of the country have not given sufficient space to the issues related to safe abortion, and marriage equality.

Yuwalaya, a youth NGO, says it made the conclusion after monitoring the news reports published in 10 daily newspapers published from Kathmandu throughout 2019. The report was made public in Kathmandu on Wednesday.


Ghana – Wassa East District youth leaders receive training on reproductive health

By Ghana News Agency
Aug 14, 2020

The Western Regional Coordinating Council and National Youth Authority in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFP), have organised a day’s advocacy training for about forty-five youth leaders in the Wassa East District of the Western Region.

The programme, which forms part of the celebration of this year’s International Youth Day, was to among others sensitize the youth on their Sexual Reproductive Health Right (SRHR) and Sexual and Gender Base Violence (SGBV).


Rwanda – If you are under 18, the law limits your access to reproductive health services. It is time to change, activists say

By Ange Iliza
August 13, 2020

The law relating to Human Reproductive Health in Rwanda grants every person the right to medical services and information related to human reproductive health.

However, the law limits people under 18 years of age from deciding for themselves on issues regarding reproductive health and offers no clear guidelines on how adolescents can access services related to sexual health and reproduction.


Putting young people first: Ensuring access to SRHR services

Stevie Emilia, The Jakarta Post
Jakarta  /  Tue, August 11, 2020

Calls for investments in young people have increased dramatically in recent years.

But the year 2020 is proving to be a difficult, life changing year as the pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in income, access to basic services and social protection for young people.


Kenya is having another go at passing a reproductive rights bill. What’s at stake

July 12, 2020
Anthony Idowu Ajayi, Meggie Mwoka

Kenya’s Senate is considering a reproductive healthcare bill, which seeks to address reproductive health gaps. This is the second time the bill has come before the senate. It has, once again, drawn fire from religious groups, some politicians and civil society lobbies opposed to its proposals. Anthony Ajayi and Meggie Mwoka unpack the bill and the lessons from previous failed attempts.

What is the substance of the bill?

Kenyan women and girls face an array of reproductive health risks that can be addressed by comprehensive reproductive health care services. These include sexually transmitted infections, HIV, unsafe abortion and unplanned pregnancies.


Tanzania – A candid conversation on safe sex can save your teenager’s life

A candid conversation on safe sex can save your teenager’s life

Monday February 17 2020
By Dr Chris Peterson

It had been a while since I heard from Janeth, 17, my young sister and a friend from my village I grew up. Our friendship actually started about three years ago at a community-health outreach programme in our village. I remember her telling me that she was inpsired to become a doctor just like me.

Since then, I have always been there for her to offer any advise on her academic issues. But I was surprised, it had been months since she last called. I had a visit due to my village and was hoping to meet her. Unfortunately, upon reaching, I was informed that Janeth passed away due to a complication that resulted from attempting unsafe abortion.


EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT – Statement: Call on Ursula von der Leyen to strongly support and defend gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

Call on Ursula von der Leyen to strongly support and defend gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

Jul 19, 2019
by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion

As Members of the European Parliament and representatives of MEPs for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and the pro-choice network ALL of US, we call on the newly elected President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to protect and further strengthen gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights in the work programme for the European Commission 2019-2024.

… Gender equality is enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and the EU is further promoting gender equality outside of its borders. Attacks on women’s rights and gender equality are attacks on fundamental rights and values, including democracy and the rule of law. Conversely, everybody benefits from the positive effects of gender equality policies – socially, politically and economically. The value of gender equality is also close to the hearts of European citizens – according to a 2017 Eurobarometer survey, 91% of Europeans believe that promoting it is important to ensuring a fair and democratic society.


From America to Ontario: The political impact of the Christian right

From America to Ontario: The political impact of the Christian right

December 4, 2018
André Gagné
Andréa Febres-Gagné

Over the past few years, Christian right groups have made inroads into the political landscape of certain countries. Two recent examples have been the American and Brazilian elections.

Among Christian right organizations, 81 per cent of white evangelicals are credited with helping propel Donald Trump to the White House in 2016.