Evangelicals: Donald Trump’s anti-abortion base

Evangelicals make up one of the most important voting blocs in the upcoming US election and a growing number are young anti-abortion activists. Why does rejecting abortion matter more to them than any other issue?

Carla Bleiker

Friday morning, 9:30 a.m., on the side of a busy road in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's hard to have a conversation over the noise of the trucks driving by, but the college students setting up shop on the sidewalk have come prepared. Each of them has brought a large, hand-held sign so they can advocate for their cause without having to say a word.

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USA – Abortion Clinics Don’t Want Demonstrators Around, Even If They’re Pro-Choice

Abortion Clinics Don't Want Demonstrators Around, Even If They're Pro-Choice
Inside the fight taking place at U.S. clinics.

by Rebecca Grant
Jul 9 2019

As an abortion rights advocate in a state trying to ban abortion, Helmi Henkin isn't usually in the position of turning away support.

Henkin chairs of the clinic escort program for West Alabama Women's Center in Tuscaloosa, one of the three abortion clinics left in Alabama, and formerly lead communications for The Yellowhammer Fund, the only statewide abortion fund. In May, an anti-abortion protester tried to run over a WAWC escort in the parking lot with an SUV. One week later, Governor Kay Ivey signed an extreme abortion ban into law and, since then, Alabama has been in the national spotlight as a harbinger of what’s to come. Henkin has found that since the law’s signing, pro-choice advocates across the country feel an urgency to do something about it. Some send money, while others want to protect abortion clinics in a more physical way.

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USA – No, the Real ‘Abortion Divide’ Is Not Between Patients and Protesters

No, the Real ‘Abortion Divide’ Is Not Between Patients and Protesters
The abortion divide is between people who need and deserve abortion access and the well-funded movement colluding with lawmakers to push it out of reach.

Apr 29, 2019
Tara Murtha

PBS’ Frontline recently premiered The Abortion Divide, a short documentary that examines the experiences of several women facing unplanned pregnancies in Philadelphia as they decide whether to carry the pregnancy to term or have an abortion.

The filmmakers follow the women who choose abortion into the Philadelphia Women’s Center (PWC), where they interview patients and doctors. They also showcase the protesters who gather outside PWC to try to shame and intimidate people on their way in and out of the building. They also film inside so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

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USA – Anti-Abortion Activists Tried To Shut Him Down. One Year Later, His Clinic Is Thriving.

Anti-Abortion Activists Tried To Shut Him Down. One Year Later, His Clinic Is Thriving.
Dr. LeRoy Carhart is one of the last providers in the country who perform later abortions.

By Catherine Pearson, HuffPost US
Oct 30, 2018

Last summer, the staff at Germantown Reproductive Health Service in Maryland, one of three remaining clinics in the U.S. where women were able to get third-trimester abortions, got surprising news.

Todd Stave, the owner of the clinic — who inherited it along with another facility from his OB-GYN father — had sold it. Although Stave had previously reassured clinic staff he would give them plenty of notice before a sale, staffers were told they would have to stop seeing patients the following week.

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UK: 5 things women should know about getting past anti-abortion protesters outside clinics

Genevieve Edwards, UK Director of Policy at Marie Stopes International

5 October 2016 • 9:27am, The Telegraph

A much-needed spotlight has been shone on the deeply unpleasant tactics that anti-abortion protesters use to turn women away from clinics. An undercover investigation for Channel 4’s Dispatches shows groups like the Good Counsel Network and Abort 67 lying to women about the risks and consequences of abortion, and intimidating them on their way into clinics.

Women in the UK have had a legal right to abortion for almost 50 years, and around nine out of 10 people are pro-choice. Of those that aren’t, only a small proportion feels compelled to stand outside abortion clinics and harass the women entering. Many people walk past these protestors entirely unfazed - but for some it can be traumatic, making what is already an emotional experience even more challenging.

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Source: The Telegraph