Dobbs’ Effect on Military Women: ‘Our Fighting Force Is Hindered and Our Security Is at Risk’


Thousands of active duty and civilian women in the U.S. military need abortion healthcare each year. After the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision this summer, many now live in states banning abortion. Increased obstacles to accessing abortion not only harm the health and careers of military women stationed in these states, but also threatens national security, according to military experts.

“Let’s be clear: Women who are active-duty service members do not get to choose what state they live in, which means they could lose abortion access at the whim of any state with an abortion ban,” said Ashley Ehasz, a West Point grad and former Apache helicopter pilot. “Now that women in uniform have lost their reproductive rights, our country’s fighting force is hindered and our security is at risk.”


USA: ‘You’re On Your Own’: Servicewomen Describe Impact Of Military’s Abortion Policy

'You're On Your Own': Servicewomen Describe Impact Of Military's Abortion Policy

November 15, 2017
Camila Domonoske

The U.S. military's restrictions on covering abortions can create logistical, emotional, career and health challenges for service members who become pregnant, according to a newly released study.

Previous research shows that women serving in the military have a higher rate of unintended pregnancy than civilian women do. But their access to abortion can be limited by Department of Defense policies, which prohibit military facilities from providing and military insurance from covering abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or danger to a woman's life.

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