Abortion UK: Women ‘manipulated’ in crisis pregnancy advice centres

Feb 27, 2023
By Eleanor Layhe & Divya Talwar, BBC Panorama

Women are being misled and manipulated about abortion by some crisis pregnancy advice centres in the UK, according to evidence from a Panorama investigation.

The centres operate outside the NHS and tend to be registered charities. Most say they don't refer women for abortions, but offer support and counselling for unplanned pregnancies.

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Ultrasounds no longer required in Quebec before getting abortion pill

Selena Ross, Lillian Roy, CTVNewsMontreal.ca
July 4, 2022

A group of Quebec doctors has successfully pushed for a big change to how abortions are given in the province, widening access to abortions by medication.

Until now, Quebec has required patients to have ultrasounds before obtaining the two-pill regimen that induces a medical abortion.

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Ireland – GPs given clinical guidelines for abortion services

GPs given clinical guidelines for abortion services

Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018
By Fergal Bowers, Health Correspondent

The Irish College of General Practitioners has issued family doctors with interim clinical guidelines, for doctors who wish to provide termination of pregnancy services once it is legalised.

It said that GPs must have access to an ultrasound facility, if a query about the gestation period, or complications arise.

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Ireland – ‘Doctors divided as HSE rushes to tick boxes on abortion’

Maeve Sheehan: 'Doctors divided as HSE rushes to tick boxes on abortion'
Pressure is mounting for the January 1 start date for termination services to be put back

Maeve Sheehan
December 9 2018

There are 22 days to go before the roll-out of abortion services on January 1. It should be a historic occasion when the overwhelming support shown by Irish voters for a woman's right to choose becomes reality.

But as the deadline looms, disquiet among some doctors that it is ambitious to the point of being unsafe has grown louder.

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Ireland – Abortion service to use private firms for ultrasound facilities

Abortion service to use private firms for ultrasound facilities
HSE seeks tenders to furnish ultrasound due to length of public health system waiting lists

Sat, Dec 1, 2018
Paul Cullen

Private firms are to be used to provide scans for women as part of the provision of abortion services from next year, due to long waiting lists in the public health system.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has asked private operators to tender for the provision of all forms of ultrasound at 12 sites across the country. Part of this service will relate to maternal care, including scans ordered by GPs for women seeking a termination of pregnancy, it is understood.

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Ireland – Harris insists abortion services will be ready despite doctors’ concerns

Harris insists abortion services will be ready despite doctors’ concerns

Catherine Sanz, Ireland Reporter
November 27 2018

Simon Harris has rejected claims by doctors that abortion services will not be ready by early next year.

The health minister said that some GPs had taken issue with the January deadline for the introduction of medical abortion through pills provided by a GP. He said that many other doctors had “said things exactly to the contrary”.

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Ireland – Abortion ultrasounds may be contracted

Abortion ultrasounds may be contracted

Monday, October 15, 2018
By Catherine Shanahan, Health Correspondent

The option of contracting commercial scanning clinics to provide an ultrasound service to women seeking an abortion, under proposed new legislation, is being considered.

However, doctors have queried how they will source the required expertise, given that there is a shortage of sonographers.

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Canada – Abortion expert urges Nova Scotia to drop ultrasound rule if access slowed

Abortion expert urges Nova Scotia to drop ultrasound rule if access slowed

Carly Weeks
Published September 26, 2018

The lead author of Canada’s national guidelines on drug-induced abortion says Nova Scotia should drop the practice of insisting on an ultrasound when it results in delays in providing the procedure.

The issue was raised this week after The Globe and Mail reported that Nova Scotia’s only abortion clinic is not allowed to perform ultrasounds to determine how far along a pregnancy is, leaving women to wait days or weeks for an appointment at the hospital’s diagnostic imaging unit. In an essay published Saturday, reporter Jessica Leeder outlined the challenges she faced earlier this year in obtaining a medical abortion. Ms. Leeder was told she would need to wait about two weeks for an ultrasound before a doctor could prescribe the abortion drug Mifegymiso. She eventually travelled out of province and paid out of pocket to have a timelier abortion.

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Ireland – Anomaly scans will not be ready in time for abortion roll out

Anomaly scans will not be ready in time for abortion roll out

Eilish O'Regan
September 25 2018

It will be 2019 before all pregnant women are automatically offered an anomaly scan to find out if their baby has a fatal foetal abnormality, it emerged yesterday.

The long-awaited extension of the service is unlikely to be on time for the new abortion legislation, which is due to come into force in January and will allow women, whose baby has been diagnosed with this condition, to have a termination in this country.

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Ireland – Simon Harris includes new funds for abortion bill to meet its pledges

Simon Harris includes new funds for abortion bill to meet its pledges

Ellen Coyne, Senior Ireland Reporter
September 24 2018

Resources for abortion services, including improved ultrasound scan services in maternity hospitals, will be included in this year’s budget, The Times understands.

Simon Harris, the health minister, will join on Saturday a March for Choice, the first since the referendum in May, when voters supported an end to the ban.

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