Kenya – Don’t sweep abortion talk under the rug

By Mark Oloo
Nov 19, 2022

There are two undisputed taboo topics in Kenya – gay rights and abortion. We call them ‘non-issues’ and ‘alien’ subjects. 

Society bears a natural love for lethal cartels and high priests of corruption but openly detests the gay community and survivors of abortion. At any rate, the abortion talk will raise sneaky questions about contraception and the age of consent. Then there’s the moral and religious ping-pong around it.


Abortion stigma a possible death sentence for Kenyan women

Issued on: 01/10/2021

Victoria Atieno was waiting at a Nairobi bus stop when she felt blood gush from her body, the result of a secret, self-induced abortion -- a method used by thousands of Kenyan women, with potentially fatal consequences.

Kenya's constitution eased access to abortions in 2010 but entrenched stigma about the procedure means that many women resort to traditional practices or backstreet clinics which put their life in jeopardy.