Abortion Is Now Legal in Argentina, but Opponents Are Making It Hard to Get

Anti-abortion activists are suing to block a new law allowing the procedure, and many doctors in conservative areas have declared themselves conscientious objectors.

By Daniel Politi, New York Times
March 7, 2021

BUENOS AIRES — For the first time in more
than a century, women in Argentina can legally get an abortion, but that
landmark shift in law may do them little good at hospitals like the one in
northern Jujuy Province where all but one obstetrician have a simple response:

Abortion opponents are reeling after a
measure legalizing the procedure was signed into law in December, but they have
hardly given up. They have filed lawsuits arguing that the new law is
unconstitutional. And they have made sure doctors know that they can refuse to
terminate pregnancies, a message that is being embraced by many in rural areas.

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The women of Argentina are divided over abortion

The women of Argentina are divided over abortion

Allison Herrera
September 2, 2019

Luciana Angueira, a social worker in Villa Fiorito, a poor neighborhood outside of central Buenos Aires, Argentina, says many of the women she sees are looking to end their pregnancies, but don't want their husbands to know.

"That would mean they are being unfaithful — the men are very possessive," she said. "We have some patients who don't believe in abortion, but they still come here looking for pills because they don't want more children."

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ARGENTINA – Abortion law reform bill tabled in Congress: the outcome of a critical mass of support

BREAKING NEWS: ARGENTINA – Abortion law reform bill tabled in Congress: the outcome of a critical mass of support

by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
March 9, 2018

On 5 March at 17:50pm, the abortion bill of the Campaña Nacional por Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito was tabled in the lower house of the Argentine Congress for the seventh time, but this time endorsed by 71 Deputies. Opening the press conference that day in the Members’ Annex, in a room overflowing with 200 supporters of the bill who were clapping and singing: “Legal abortion / in the hospital”, National Campaign chair Pamela Martín García said: “We wonder if this will be the last time this bill will have to be tabled before becoming law.”

“It is wonderful that the bill has been included on the parliamentary agenda. It is through the power of the feminist movement, women in action, and the appearance of the movement “Ni una menos” in the street,” said Marta Alanis of Catholics for the Right to Decide.

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