The State of Abortion Access in Canada

Before patting ourselves on the back for having the right to choose, we should examine pregnancy-termination issues within our borders.

DEC 8TH, 2022

Last June, after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which gave Americans the fundamental right to choose to have an abortion, anxiety, fear and anger increased proportionally throughout the country. The sentiment was understandably echoed on this side of the border too. A loud cry rang out, commensurate to the gut punch delivered by this gigantic step backwards for reproductive rights, which was spurred by an anti-abortion movement that deigns to call itself “pro-life.” However, the “at-least-we’re-not-the-States” attitude often blinds Canadians to our own widespread problems regarding abortion. “You can hold two [opinions] at once—you can both have empathy, support and outrage for [our] colleagues in the U.S. and also say ‘We actually have [access] issues,’” says Dr. Geneviève Bois, a family doctor who splits her time working between Montreal and Whapmagoostui in northern Quebec.


Canada – Misleading billboard fuels false information about abortion

Misleading billboard fuels false information about abortion
Research lawyer Jennifer Taylor was “fired up and frustrated” when she saw the sign on Windmill Road.

Posted By Maggie Rahr
Fri, Aug 10, 2018

A Dartmouth billboard reading ‘Canada has no abortion laws’ is turning heads and raising ire.

The sign on Windmill Road is rented on a four-week contract and paid for by We Need A Law—a religious advocacy group based in Vancouver and Ottawa.