‘We will not go back’: thousands rally for abortion rights across the US

More than 300 pro-choice protests organized around US against expected reversal of 1973 landmark law that made abortion legal

Oliver Milman and Victoria Bekiempis in New York and Dani Anguiano in Los Angeles
Sat 14 May 2022

Thousands of people were taking part in protests across the US on Saturday to decry the supreme court’s expected reversal of the landmark 1973 law that made abortion legal in America.

Organizers said there were more than 380 protest events in cities including major ones in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago to demand that the right to an abortion is not stripped away by the court, which is dominated by rightwing justices.

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USA – The next frontier for the antiabortion movement: A nationwide ban

Advocates and some GOP lawmakers have started mobilizing around potential federal legislation to outlaw abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

By Caroline Kitchener
May 2, 2022

Leading antiabortion groups and their allies in Congress have been meeting behind the scenes to plan a national strategy that would kick in if the Supreme Court rolls back abortion rights this summer, including a push for a strict nationwide ban on the procedure if Republicans retake power in Washington.

The effort, activists say, is designed to bring a fight that has been playing out largely in the courts and state legislatures to the national political stage — rallying conservatives around the issue in the midterms and pressuring potential 2024 GOP presidential candidates to take a stand.

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October 3rd, 1977: Remembering Rosie Jiménez On the Day She Died From An Unsafe Abortion

OCTOBER 3, 2021

On October 2nd, the Women’s March took to the streets of Washington, D.C. This time, women were marching with reproductive rights as the primary cause in their hearts. On September 1st, the United States Supreme Court declined to comment on Texas’s new SB 8 law–a law that makes it illegal for a woman to terminate her pregnancy after six weeks. This isn’t just a fight for abortion rights–it’s a fight for the health and safety of American women, period. And there is very real history that proves why safe abortion access for all women is of dire importance.

On Sunday, October 3rd, 1977, Rosaura “Rosie” Jiménez died after getting a botched abortion in McAllen, Texas. She was denied a safe abortion because of the Hyde Amendment.

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USA – Women’s March focuses on reproductive rights in light of Texas abortion law

The march has taken place annually since 2017, after Donald Trump's election.

By Katie Kindelan, Ayushi Agarwal, and Lalee Ibssa, ABC News
2 October 2021

Women's rights advocates marched again in Washington, D.C., and other cities across the U.S. Saturday, with a focus on reproductive rights.

The fifth annual Women's March was held on a date specifically chosen for its proximity to the start of the U.S. Supreme Court's new term on Monday.

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Texas law sparks hundreds of U.S. protests against abortion restrictions

By Timothy Gardner and Richard Webner
Reuters, Oct 2

WASHINGTON/AUSTIN, Texas - Women marched by the thousands on Saturday on the Supreme Court, the Texas Capitol and cities across the United States to protest increasing state restrictions on abortion and advocate for maintaining a constitutional right to the procedure.

The 660 demonstrations around the United States were largely sparked by a Texas law that bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. The measure, which went into effect last month, is the most restrictive in the country.

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USA – Supporters of Abortion Rights, at Nationwide Marches, Try to Regain Momentum

A nationwide march for abortion rights on Saturday offered an early test of Democratic enthusiasm in the post-Trump era.

By Lisa Lerer and Campbell Robertson
Oct. 2, 2021

Last fall, Hannah Dasgupta spent her days focused on politics, channeling her fear and anger over President Donald J. Trump into activism. Worried about the future of abortion rights, among other issues, during the Trump administration, she joined a group of suburban Ohio women who were working to elect Democrats.

A year later, Ms. Dasgupta, 37, still cares just as deeply about those issues. But she did not attend a nationwide women’s march for abortion rights on Saturday. In fact, she hadn’t even heard about it.

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Thousands gather at Women’s March rallies in D.C., across U.S. to protect Roe v. Wade

By Caroline Kitchener, Meagan Flynn, Lola Fadulu, Donovan J. Thomas and Paul Schwartzman
Oct 2, 2021

Thousands of protesters marched at rallies in Washington and cities across the country Saturday, decrying Texas’s recent ban on most abortions and warning that the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority could impose further restrictions in the coming months.

Amassing in downtown D.C. before walking in a clamorous procession to the Supreme Court, a roster of speakers bemoaned a looming threat to Roe v. Wade and implored Americans to enlist in a nationwide campaign to preserve abortion rights.

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Abortion rights advocates march across U.S. to protest restrictive laws

Solidarity marches held in Canada

Thomson Reuters
Oct 02, 2021

Women's rights advocates gathered at the Texas capitol on Saturday to protest against the United States' most restrictive abortion law, launching a series of 660 marches around the United States in support of reproductive freedom.

A crowd of more than 1,000 protesters assembled in sweltering heat in front of the Austin building where lawmakers earlier this year passed a measure that bans abortions after about six weeks, which Gov. Greg Abbott later signed.

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Canada – ’It could happen here’

Rally at legislature supports Women's March to U.S. Supreme Court

Julia-Simone Rutgers
Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021

Reproductive justice issues are not just American issues; a group of Manitobans gathered on the steps of the province’s decision-making centre Saturday to assert reproductive rights are a concern for Canadians, too.

"Get off my uterus," the hundreds-strong crowd cried in unison from the steps of Manitoba's legislature at a rally for reproductive justice in solidarity with Texans facing limitations to their abortion rights.

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Women’s March plans return to D.C. to fight for abortion access

Casey Parks
Sept 27, 2021

The Women’s March returns to Washington this Saturday for its fifth annual event.

Though recent marches have been smaller than the first, which drew millions of participants, organizers say women have plenty to protest. The pandemic revealed striking wage and employment gaps for women, and a national child care crisis has left many overwhelmed and tapped out financially.

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