Texas – Abortion Restrictions Rob Our Patients of Self-Determination

— Pregnancy decisions should be up to women and the doctors who care for them

by Andrea Palmer, MD
April 7, 2022

It was a usual Tuesday afternoon. I was wrapping up my clinic, glancing at the inpatient census to see what call might have in store for me, and taking a quick look at tomorrow's schedule. I noticed with delight a familiar patient, Josie*, scheduled for a new OB appointment. She and her husband had come in recently to discuss an infertility workup, but it's always nice when couples get pregnant before needing interventions.

Call came and went, and the following day I was in the middle of running errands when I got a frantic flurry of texts from Sarah, my amazing NP who (graciously) does my new OB appointments. Unfortunately, her texts didn't arrive with joyful news. Josie confided in Sarah information she had not been able to share with anyone else. Not her friends, family, husband, or the authorities.

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