The activists going state by state to make abortion rights consitutional law 

With Roe v. Wade in the balance, reproductive rights activists in Vermont and Michigan are campaigning to pass state ballot measures to protect abortion rights. As one activist put it, “Legislatures are not representing the people.”

JUNE 22, 2022

Lucy Leriche was seated in a Chicago conference room, attending a national policy conference for Planned Parenthood in June 2018, when news of former Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement broke. The announcement sent a chilling effect through the room. With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, an inevitability came into focus: “At that moment, we all knew, I knew, that the end of Roe v. Wade was near,” Leriche, a former Vermont state representative who is now the vice president of Vermont public affairs for the Northern New England chapter of Planned Parenthood and the Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund, recalled in an interview. As this reality sunk in, she vowed to do everything she could to protect women’s reproductive rights in her home state of Vermont.