The Fight for Abortions in Ireland

The Fight for Abortions in Ireland

As the country prepares to hold a referendum on abortion, religiously-motivated opposition to it may be on the wane.

Yasmeen Serhan
Oct 3, 2017 Global

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Dublin Saturday for the annual March for Choice, a demonstration calling on Ireland’s government to ease its near-total abortion ban. It was the first major rally organized by pro-choice advocates since the government announced an upcoming referendum: Next summer, the country will vote on whether it should change its abortion laws. The advocates told me that if the referendum works out in their favor, they may not have to organize any more marches.

But it’s not yet clear how likely the laws are to change, or even what changes will be proposed. The exact wording of the vote is not expected to be determined before December.

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