The island that feminism forgot: Campaign grows to change the Isle of Man’s ‘medieval’ abortion laws

Manx women including rape victims who cannot raise hundreds of pounds for travel and hotels in the UK often have little choice but to terminate their pregnancy illegally at home Shutterstock

The Isle of Man’s ‘vile’ abortion legislation denies women access to basic medical care and force them into secrecy and shame. Ahead of elections later this month, a new campaign aims to bring about much needed reform

by Mrs Q (name changed to protect author)
September 12, 2016, The Independent

Across the Irish Sea, abortion rights have rightly been in the spotlight in recent years. It can’t have passed anyone by that Irish women struggle to access basic reproductive healthcare. But on an often overlooked island a few miles closer to the UK mainland women are also being endangered by restrictive legislation on abortion. The Isle of Man seems to be the island that feminism forgot.

But not any more – a group of Manx women are fighting for their right to choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The Campaign for Abortion Law Modernisation (Calm) wants to bring Manx law in line with the UK. The Termination of Pregnancy (Medical Defences) Act is up for review in the next parliament, and the feeling on the Rock (as Manx people refer to their home) is that the time is ripe for a long-overdue change.

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Source: The Independent