Times Of Malta Blames ‘Liberal Thought’ For Leading To Abortion Debate

Times Of Malta Blames 'Liberal Thought' For Leading To Abortion Debate

And some readers are outraged

Chris Peregin
Feb 10, 2017

Times Of Malta shocked its more liberal readers this week after it made a public call to "fiercely" oppose abortion and fight back against "the onslaught of liberal thought emphasising individual choice".

Representing the voice of the newspaper, the editorial decried the introduction of the morning-after pill and civil unions for gay couples.

"Sadly, is has been a slow but gradual development to reach this point. First to go was the family model of mother and father through the Civil Unions Act that introduced gay marriage with adoption rights through the backdoor," claimed Tuesday's editorial, titled It’s Only Right If Abortion’s Wrong.

Continued at source: LovinMalta: https://lovinmalta.com/news/local/times-of-maltas-battlecry-against-abortion