U.N. Committee: Criminalization of Abortion in Ireland Violates Woman’s Human Rights

U.N. Committee: Criminalization of Abortion in Ireland Violates Woman's Human Rights
New Decision Marks Second Time the U.N. Human Rights Committee Calls for Abortion Law Reform in Ireland

06.13.17 - (PRESS RELEASE) The United Nations Human Rights Committee has just ruled for the second time that Ireland’s abortion laws subjected a woman to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. This new decision recognizes yet again that prohibiting abortion violates women’s human rights and calls on Ireland to reform its laws.

The U.N. Committee ruled in favor of Siobhán Whelan, who was denied access to abortion services in Ireland following a diagnosis of a fatal fetal impairment. The Committee held that Ireland must provide Ms. Whelan with reparations for the harm she suffered and reform its laws to ensure other women do not continue to face similar violations. The Committee instructed Ireland to legalize abortion and provide effective, timely and accessible abortion services in Ireland.

Continued at source: Center for Reproductive Rights: https://www.reproductiverights.org/press-room/un-committee-criminalization-of-abortion-in-ireland-violates-womans-human-rights-0