U.S.: How To Help Women Affected By The Global Gag Rule

How To Help Women Affected By The Global Gag Rule
by Amanda Chatel
Bustle. 22 hours ago

On Monday January 23, one day after the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Donald Trump took his first official step in taking reproductive rights away from women and signed an executive order that would block funding and foreign aid to any international nongovernmental organizations that provide abortion services to women seeking them or those that even offer abortion as an option to unwanted pregnancies. The Global Gag Rule, as it was dubbed (because that's exactly what it is), was first established in 1984 by then Republican president, Ronald Reagan; when Barack Obama took office, he rescinded the policy in 2009.

But the problem extends far deeper than access to abortions. It also means that these organizations who offer so much more than abortion, for example, sexual health education, regular STI screenings, and all other sexual health related services, will be denied funding simply because they offer abortion as a choice. This will have catastrophic results on so many levels.

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