U.S.: New Presidential-Popular Divide Will Change Abortion Rights

Stricter laws under a Trump administration will hamper safe care, but could spur more private money for reproductive health

by Sara Goudarzi on November 14, 2016

During his campaign, president-elect Donald Trump promised to defund Planned Parenthood, nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court and ban abortions after the 20-week pregnancy mark. Vice President–elect Mike Pence reinforced these messages, specifically attacking the landmark Supreme Court decision protecting abortion rights. Pence stated he would like to “send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history, where it belongs.”

Following the duo’s surprising win last Tuesday, there is a great deal of concern about how the new administration’s policies will affect women’s reproductive rights. Experts believe that although serious changes could be on the horizon—like increased state restrictions and a chance of overturning Roe—such changes will likely happen slowly, and some may be offset by the majority pro-choice public.

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Source: Scientific American