U.S.: The East Village Church That Helped Women Get Illegal Abortions

December 26, 2016
By Juan Carlos Castillo
Bedford and Bowery

This week, we present a series of longer pieces unraveling the histories of storied buildings.

On the 16th of November in 1964, four women and four men appeared in their underwear at the Judson Memorial Church, happily cavorting with each other and rubbing their bodies with carefree smiles. They piled up together, humping and sensually touching each other in a mess of raw fish, chicken and sausages. It was an event devoid of modesty, an unapologetic, uncensored expression of sexuality.

Meat Joy was a performance to protest the censorship of sex and of the female body. But even earlier on, the church’s embrace of the liberalization of women’s bodies was a hallmark of its mission.

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Source: Bedford and Bowery