U.S.: The looming Republican crackdown on LGBTQ rights and abortion

Trump wasn’t elected as a culture warrior. He may govern as one.
By Nelson Tebbe, Micah Schwartzman, and Richard Schragger Dec 19, 2016, Vox.com

Before the election, it was common to hear experts say the “culture wars” were over, and that the left had won. True, there were debates about how progressives could most effectively consolidate their gains, and about whether they should be magnanimous in victory. But participants in these debates shared an assumption that, for instance, women’s right to choose and marriage equality were secure.
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After the election, all that has changed. Although some liberals and progressives hold out hope that Trump is uninterested in certain social issues, like same-sex marriage and transgender rights, their optimism is misplaced.

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Source: Vox.com