UK: 5 things women should know about getting past anti-abortion protesters outside clinics

Genevieve Edwards, UK Director of Policy at Marie Stopes International

5 October 2016 • 9:27am, The Telegraph

A much-needed spotlight has been shone on the deeply unpleasant tactics that anti-abortion protesters use to turn women away from clinics. An undercover investigation for Channel 4’s Dispatches shows groups like the Good Counsel Network and Abort 67 lying to women about the risks and consequences of abortion, and intimidating them on their way into clinics.

Women in the UK have had a legal right to abortion for almost 50 years, and around nine out of 10 people are pro-choice. Of those that aren’t, only a small proportion feels compelled to stand outside abortion clinics and harass the women entering. Many people walk past these protestors entirely unfazed - but for some it can be traumatic, making what is already an emotional experience even more challenging.

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Source: The Telegraph