UK: NHS sends vulnerable women to a pregnancy advice service run by anti-abortion fanatics

- Women referred to extremist pro-life group after trauma of abortion
- South West London and St George’s has been recommending patients
- Women are left feeling intimidated and told they could get breast cancer

By Nick Craven for The Daily Mail

Published: 21:41 GMT, 1 October 2016

Vulnerable women suffering emotional trauma after an abortion have been referred by the NHS to an extremist pro-life group where they are fed the lie that termination can cause breast cancer.

Patients are left distraught by the devastating claim made by advisers at the Good Counsel Network – but which is dismissed by medical experts as untrue and ‘damaging’.

Yet one of Britain’s biggest NHS mental health trusts, South West London and St George’s, has been recommending patients to the London-based groups via leaflets and its website for five years.

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Source: Daily Mail