UK: No one should have to run this gauntlet: Channel 4 News presenter on the pressure women face from the growing anti-abortion movement

By Cathy Newman, Channel 4 Presenter And Dispatches Reporter

Published: 21:44 GMT, 1 October 2016, Daily Mail

Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman speaks about her trauma from having an abortion and how the pressure on women is getting worse ahead of new Dispatches Undercover programme

Most women think long and hard before having an abortion. I know, because a decade ago I had one myself. It was one of the most traumatic decisions I’ve ever had to make.

My husband and I had one little girl already, and we were desperate to give her a sibling. We’d already been through the emotional upset of a miscarriage, so when I got pregnant again we were both nervously hoping for the best.

Sadly, though, when we went for a scan at 13 weeks, we were told the baby had an extremely rare condition which meant it was highly likely to die before birth, or during labour. If it had survived, we were informed it would most probably be paralysed, deaf, blind and unable to speak.

All these years later, I can remember the desolation we both felt – and the conviction we shared that the kindest course of action was to terminate the pregnancy.

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Source: The Daily Mail