UK: What it’s really like to have an abortion

Sept 5, 2016, The Tab

by Danielle Fersey

It was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through

I found out I was six weeks pregnant after taking a test in my office toilets. My period was a few weeks overdue, and I’d been having quite regular sex. When the test came up positive, I was in shock. I ran back to the shops, buying another three tests just because I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it was true. So I pulled myself together, got out my phone and Googled “how to get an abortion”.

Of course I thought about keeping it. Visions of what my child would look like popped up in my mind, how my life would be, but I think that’s natural. But in my head, I knew there really wasn’t another option. I was 22 years old, didn’t have a proper job and could barely afford to pay my own rent. But more than anything, I didn’t want to be a mother. And I still don’t.

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Source: The Tab