US: A New Online Service Aims to Help Women Self-Manage Abortion

A New Online Service Aims to Help Women Self-Manage Abortion
By Steph Herold
May 16, 2017

Since January, legislators have introduced 431 new restrictions on reproductive health care across the United States. Anti-abortion politicians are doing everything they can to make it as difficult as possible to obtain essential and legal health care, from forcing women to wait extra days for this time-sensitive procedure to imposing outrageous regulations on clinics. In an environment that's becoming increasingly hostile to science and facts, accurate medical information itself has become politicized. And that's where international advocacy group Women Help Women comes in: to provide people in this country with honest, compassionate guidance on how to self-manage their own abortions.

In April the organization launched the first-ever digital information service for medication abortion pills—Self-Managed Abortion: Safe and Supported, or SASS for short—that provides information and resources specifically about obtaining and using mifepristone and misoprostol, which the law usually requires are prescribed by a licensed health care professional.

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