USA – The next phase of anti-abortion cruelty: Jail for ending your own pregnancy

Even safe, at-home abortion medication is now under threat

MARCH 12, 2022

Abortion access is under unprecedented threat around the country. Texas's vigilante abortion ban represents the most recent and most extreme marker of a decades-long campaign to diminish access to reproductive health care for pregnant people in the United States. Its impact has been devastating, leaving millions of people without access to abortion. The Supreme Court is set to release their decision on Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban by the end of June, likely overturning or gutting Roe v. Wade. The demise of Roe would revoke abortion access for millions of pregnant people the US.

I plan to provide abortion care after I finish medical school because I believe this care is essential to people's health and ability to shape their own lives.  But I know that with in-clinic abortions unavailable for many people, some will choose to end their pregnancy without the help of a medical provider.  Some people are worried about a second coming of illegal "back alley" abortions, which had devastating impacts on public health before Roe v Wade legalized abortion in 1973. But ending your own pregnancy can be safe and effective when done with medication abortion pills.