USA – Violence Against Abortion Providers and Patients Is Too Normal in This Country

The Right is only escalating its attacks on a safe health care procedure, and we are just letting it happen.

By Caitlin Cruz

Across the street from the last abortion clinic in West Virginia is a nearly acre-size vacant lot that’s been for sale for about two years. For its most recent 40-day prayer action at Women’s Health Center of West Virginia, an anti-abortion group rented out the lot, using it to erect a “cemetery” with paper crosses.

Now, the protesters own the lot. “It’s right across the street from our clinic. Where patients have to walk on the sidewalk to get into our front door, they’ve erected at least 10-, maybe 12-foot giant cross,” Katie Quiñonez, director of the clinic, told Jezebel. “It’s mental warfare, because what they’re trying to do is shame and guilt people who are seeking health care.”