USA – Abortion opponents don’t care if pregnant women get murdered

The top cause of maternal mortality is violence. Forcing women to carry to term will make it so much worse


This all happened in the past two weeks alone: Nekea Brooks was 27 years old, and two months pregnant, when she was shot and killed in Fayetteville, NC on May 16. She leaves behind a five year-old daughter. Mijor Kay Anderson was a pregnant 30 year-old mother of eight when she went missing from Vicksburg, MS last October. Her body was found, "rolled up and tossed away like trash," in the words of her sister Amy Anderson-Williams, on May 17. Tamarra Deloache of York, PA was 32 and six months pregnant when was found dead from "sharp force trauma" in her apartment on May 18. She leaves behind a 12 year-old son.

The leading cause of death in pregnant and postpartum women in the US is not heart disease, diabetes, or infection. It's murder. Gutting abortion rights will make it so, so much worse.