USA – How to Have a Medication Abortion. Where to find the pill and what to expect.

By Rebecca Grant and Elizabeth Isadora Gold
May 23, 2022

s conservative states increasingly legislate away clinic-based channels for accessing abortion, unofficial sources for ordering abortion pills online and self-managing at home are becoming a critical lifeline. These online sources, which have grown in popularity, convenience, and sophistication over the past few years, now represent the future of abortion care for much of America. While there are no reliable projections on how many people will self-manage their abortions using pills, the numbers are sure to go up: Research from Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco, found that 7 percent of women will self-manage abortions in their lifetime, and this estimate was made with Roe still in place. “The barriers are going to increase tremendously for people living in one of the estimated 26 states likely to overturn abortion,” said Dr. Daniel Grossman, the director of ANSIRH. “We would anticipate that there will be increased demand for those services.”