What evangelical policy means for women worldwide

What evangelical policy means for women worldwide
May 17, 2017

By Molly Hanson
Editorial Writer
Freedom From Religion Foundation

Earlier this year, President Trump ― circled by a half-dozen men in the Oval Office ― signed an executive order restricting the autonomy of women across the globe. The order, signed back in January, froze foreign aid or federal funding for international health organizations that provide abortions. The administration has just announced that it will be expanding this Global Gag Rule, calling it “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance.” Sounds virtuous, right?

Here is the description of the new policy that a White House official gave to “The Brody File” on Christian Broadcasting Network News:

“The pro-life policy will apply to global health assistance funding for international health programs, such as those for HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, malaria, global health security, and family planning and reproductive health.”

Christian broadcaster David Brody called the policy, “yet another evangelical victory under this administration.”

Continued at source: Freedom from Religion Foundation: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/freethoughtnow/evangelical-foreign-healthcare-policy-means-women/