Why Mexico Is Proof Anti-Abortion Laws Don’t Work

Why Mexico Is Proof Anti-Abortion Laws Don't Work
Araceli Lopez Nava Vázquez, Country director for Marie Stopes Mexico

Leticia had been bleeding heavily for two weeks when she arrived at Marie Stopes Mexico's clinic in Chiapas. Desperate to end her pregnancy, she had taken some pills from a friend. However as the days passed it became clear that something had gone badly wrong.

Despite excruciating pain and massive blood loss, she ignored her friend's pleas to seek medical help for fear of being thrown behind bars for procuring an illegal abortion. Until finally, weak from anaemia and wracked with pain, she struggled to our clinic, where my team diagnosed a septic abortion and referred her to the public hospital. Any further delay in treatment and she would have died.

Continued at source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/araceli-lopez-nava-vazquez/global-gag-rule-safer-abortion-day_b_18119418.html