Why not Bridget Jones’s Abortion?

When it comes to movies, babies are better for the box office
by Mary Kenny
Published 09/10/2016

Everyone seems to love Bridget Jones. The cinema was full - 98pc female - and the audience laughed, clapped and empathised with Bridget (the fabulous Renée Zellweger) and her zany antics. She drinks a bottle of vodka at a rock concert, falls on her face in the mud, and then falls into bed with a hunky stranger in his yurt.

Bumping into her ex at a christening party, she slugs back the wine and he slugs back the whiskey and the next thing they're deep into the four-poster bed, and, as one American critic so reticently puts it, "nature duly takes its course". What a lark!

And thus we have the very popular new movie Bridget Jones's Baby. But wait: why didn't producers Working Title consider a film called Bridget Jones's Abortion? Look at the facts. Bridget is 43; she's got a big job at a London TV channel; she carries around a dolphin-friendly female contraceptive indicating she wants to avoid a pregnancy; and she can't figure out who's the daddy.

And yet, in this whole scenario, the one word never, ever mentioned is "abortion". The more euphemistic allusion to "choice" isn't even brought up.

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Source: the Independent