NSW – Gladys Berejiklian’s missed opportunity in abortion debate

Gladys Berejiklian’s missed opportunity in abortion debate

Peter van Onselen
August 9, 2019

Having listened intently to the abortion debate in New South Wales state parliament this past week, two things stand out: it is mostly men opposing removing terminations from the criminal code, and few if any of those advocating it remain a crime to have an abortion seem willing to argue that the law should be enforced.

How weird is that? So they want a law not enforced to remain on the statute books? I have heard senior politicians piously claim they are “on the side of life” when arguing against abortions. But how are they on the side of life if they won’t ensure the current law criminalising abortions is enforced? In short, they aren’t. It’s vacuous posturing at best.

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