Where Australian states are up to in decriminalising abortio

Where Australian states are up to in decriminalising abortion

12 septembre 2018
Erica Millar

Abortion is common, safe, and the only criminalised listed medical procedure in Australia due to an archaic, flawed piece of legislation inherited from Victorian England.

Despite campaigns to decriminalise abortion, progress has been slow, and patchy across states. Here’s where each state is up to.

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Malawi Government asked to reform abortion law

Malawi Government asked to reform abortion law

By Martha Chikoti
on Aug 28, 2018

Different stakeholders came together on Saturday to push government to ensure that the Termination of Pregnancy Bill is tabled in Parliament in order to change abortion laws in Malawi.

Participants at a capacity building training workshop on reporting abortion in Lilongwe said the law has to be reformed in order to give power to health workers to terminate pregnancies in accordance to the law without facing challenges.

Continued: https://malawi24.com/2018/08/28/malawi-government-asked-to-reform-abortion-law/

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Queensland MPs who support abortion reform face voter backlash: poll

Queensland MPs who support abortion reform face voter backlash: poll

By Toby Crockford
19 August 2018

MPs who support Labor's proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion in Queensland could lose 24 per cent of their vote at the next state election, according to a new Galaxy poll.

YouGov Galaxy conducted an "independent mark research" poll, which was commissioned by Cherish Life Queensland and the Australian Family Association, and asked a representative sample of 1000 Queensland voters a total of 21 questions around the issue of abortion.

Continued: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/queensland-mps-who-support-abortion-reform-face-voter-backlash-poll-20180819-p4zyff.html

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Malawi: Rural Women Groups in Malawi Back Proposed Abortion Law

Malawi: Rural Women Groups in Malawi Back Proposed Abortion Law

20 July 2018

The statistics are staggering. Over 141,000 women and girls induce abortions unsafely in Malawi with about half of them suffering from complications. AKWETE SANDE writes on how rural SRHR women groups are supporting the enactment of the proposed Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

Mention the word abortion and the reactions you get are diverse. For some emotions run high. For others, religious dogma creeps in. And for some, facts do no matter. Usually, truth suffers.

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Malawi: Priest Advocates for Enactment of New Abortion Law

Malawi: Priest Advocates for Enactment of New Abortion Law

8 December 2017

With over 141,000 women in Malawi inducing abortions annually mostly through unsafe means, an Anglican Church priest has called for enactment of new abortion law. Below is an article by REV. FR. MARTIN KALIMBE published in the column on Sexual and Reproductive Health which Centre for Solutions Journalism is running in The Daily Times of Malawi.

Is the church in support of legalisation of abortion? This is a question which the media posed to me during a recent live debate on Television Malawi.

It was a difficult question to answer because the church is completely divided on the issue of abortion. There are also cases where members of the clergy within the same church are also divided on the issue.

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Malawi: Govt escalates draft abortion Bill

Govt escalates draft abortion Bill

James Chavula
May 30, 2017

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has finally published the findings of the Special Law Commission on the Review of Abortion Laws.

Not only does it officially bring the proposed amendments of abortion laws to the attention of Cabinet and Parliament, it also escalates the July 2015 report which contains the draft Termination of Pregnancy Bill whose existence government denied when some Christians marched against liberalisation of colonial abortion laws last December.

According to assistant chief law reform officer Edda Chavula, the step puts the law reform firmly on the path to be deliberated by Cabinet.

Continued at source: Malawi Nation: http://mwnation.com/govt-escalates-draft-abortion-bill/

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Malawi govt releases Abortion Bill to the public

Malawi govt releases Abortion Bill to the public
May 27, 2017
Alfred Chauwa

Malawi Government has finally released and gazetted the long awaited Termination of Pregnancy Bill to the general public ending speculation on the whereabouts of the bill.

Discussing abortion law reforms

The report and the Bill has this week been distributed to all 193 members of parliament, Speaker of parliament, libraries, universities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and the judiciary.

The Bill is expected to be tabled in this session of parliament.

Continued at source: Nyasa Times: https://www.nyasatimes.com/malawi-govt-releases-abortion-bill-public/

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Malawi: Activists ask government to enact new abortion law

Malawi: Activists ask government to enact new abortion law

April 6, 2017
Ligomeka says women should have freedom, autonomy and control over their bodies

Human rights activists in Malawi have urged authorities to enact new Termination of Pregnancy legislation following revelations that 141,000 abortions occurred in the southern African nation in 2015.

According to research conducted by the US based Guttmacher Institute and the Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Malawi’s College of Medicine, the majority of the abortions were performed under clandestine and unsafe conditions and most of them resulted in complications.

Continued at source: CSJ News: http://csjnews.org/2017/04/06/malawi-activists-abortion-law/

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Malawi’s New Abortion Bill Angers Groups on Both Sides of the Debate

A new Termination of Pregnancy bill proposed by the Malawian government gives women more access to abortion services, but still imposes limits on when a woman is allowed to have the procedure.

Written by Rumbi Chakamba
Published on December 01, 2016, News Deeply

As Malawi’s parliament prepares to review a new draft law on abortion, the bill is being criticized by both anti-abortion activists who condemn it as immoral, and pro-choice activists who argue that it doesn’t go far enough.

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Source: News Deeply

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Malawi Churches back abortion bill: Pastors ask MPs to approve Termination of Pregancy law

October 27, 2016 Alfred Chauwa - Nyasa Times

Some clerics under the banner if Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) are now backing a bill aimed at preventing unsafe abortions called Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

Termination of Pregnancy Bill awaits Parliament’s enactment.

Grounds for pregnancy termination in the bill include rape, incest, foetus deformation and pregnancies that endanger women’s lives or may cause mental or physical health complications.

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Source: Nyasa Times

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