Why Is Unsafe Abortion Still A Reality For Millions Of Women In India?

Why Is Unsafe Abortion Still A Reality For Millions Of Women In India?

October 15, 2018 122
Posted by Pritisha and Mikaela

In 1975, India took a historic step by passing the Medical Termination Act (MTP). The act gave legal provision to women to terminate their pregnancies, but came with certain barriers. Although women now have the right to choose, this legal provision placed a time limit to such termination, that is, 20 gestation weeks. This limitation has been challenged by many women groups because in most cases, due to familial, social, and other pressures, by the time a woman is able to decide to terminate her pregnancy, 20 weeks have already passed. Hence, women are unable to terminate their pregnancy according to their choice. Such limitations violate a woman’s right to life and liberty, which is enshrined in our constitution under Article 21 of the constitution.

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India – Opinion | Looking beyond the legality of abortion

Opinion | Looking beyond the legality of abortion
Even five decades after legalization, abortions in India lack basic safety standards

Last Published: Mon, Oct 01 2018
Vinoj Manning

Despite abortion being legal in India for almost five decades, unsafe abortion continues to be the third largest cause of maternal mortality and accounts for 8% of all maternal deaths in India. Ten women die every day, and thousands more face serious and permanent injuries annually due to unsafe abortion-related causes. Most deaths caused by unsafe abortion are, however, preventable. With the advent of newer and simpler technologies, induced abortion is now a very safe and simple medical procedure, which can save the lives of millions of women.

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India – 47 years after legal sanction, only 22% women have access to safe abortion: Study

47 years after legal sanction, only 22% women have access to safe abortion: Study
Poor states with the high unmet need for contraceptive services tend to have a higher demand for abortion services.

Published Sep 22, 2018

Bengaluru: Though Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of 1971 was passed 47 years ago, safe abortion continues to be a distant dream for most women in India.

Nearly 78% of more than 15 million abortions conducted annually are outside health facilities, accounting to almost 10 deaths per day, stated an IndiaSpend report.

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India – Madurai botched abortion: Two member fact-finding mission to investigate

Madurai botched abortion: Two member fact-finding mission to investigate
Ramuthayi, who was seven months pregnant, died on Sunday following a botched abortion.

TNM Staff
Friday, September 21, 2018

Less than a week after the discovery of a botched abortion in Madurai which led to the death of a 28-year-old woman, a probe panel has been constituted by the Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services to investigate the death.

According to a report in the Times of India, a two-member fact-finding mission will investigate the incident that took place in Usilampatti in Madurai district.

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Abortion In India: A Right, A Choice Or Both?

Abortion In India: A Right, A Choice Or Both?

Posted by Stuti Srivastava
August 31, 2018

Many a time, I’ve uninhibitedly, at times vociferously, voiced my opinion in the pro-life versus pro-choice debate. When statistics, opinions, arguments fail, I go back to a classic tweet by noted science fiction writer, Patrick S. Tomlinson, which asks you to choose between saving a 5-year-old child and a 1,000 viable embryos in a fire. As expected, he never got a clear response to this question. While such discussions would be held at a very rudimentary level, whenever I’d think of several other factors, such as the woman’s age, family situation, financial means, and most importantly, her choice, I’d always rest comfortably on the pro-choice side of the debate without a second thought. Until one fine day, I googled some India stats and the bubble burst. The right to abortion in India (there is one, yes) does not remotely consider the idea of choice.

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India – ‘Reduce Stigma To Make Women Comfortable Accessing Safe Abortions’

‘Reduce Stigma To Make Women Comfortable Accessing Safe Abortions’

Swagata Yadavar
August 7, 2018

New Delhi: Abortion was legalised in India almost half a century ago, yet unsafe abortions – performed in unhygienic conditions by untrained providers – are the third largest cause of maternal death. Nearly 78% of the more than 15 million abortions conducted annually in India are outside of health facilities, giving rise to safety concerns. There is only one licensed provider for 224,000 women in rural areas.

India allows medical termination of a pregnancy of up to 20 weeks’ gestation to be conducted by a registered medical practitioner. There have been attempts to amend the act to expand the provider base to include nurses and non-allopathic medicine practitioners, and extend the deadline to 24 weeks from the current 20.

Continued: http://www.indiaspend.com/indiaspend-interviews/reduce-stigma-to-make-women-comfortable-accessing-safe-abortions-88950

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India – Unsafe abortion claims 13 lives daily

Unsafe abortion claims 13 lives daily

Updated: July 26th, 2018

Everyday 13 women die in India due to unsafe abortion related causes, including lack of access to trained abortion providers, lack of knowledge about the legality of abortion and availability of safe services, compounded by the social stigma and abortion.

It was stated during a Media Sensitization Workshop organised by Global Health Strategies here on ‘Ensuring reproductive justice in India : How do we make safe abortion services more accessible?’

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India – SC says abortion amounts to murder, rejects 20-year-old Mumbai woman’s plea

SC says abortion amounts to murder, rejects 20-year-old Mumbai woman’s plea

Ritika Jain
16 July, 2018

The petitioner, now over 25 weeks pregnant, had cited marital discord and a desire to end her marriage as grounds to seek an abortion.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court Monday denied a 20-year-old woman permission to terminate her over-25-week pregnancy, suggesting that aborting a foetus amounted to murder.

Under Indian law, pregnancies older than 20 weeks can only be terminated if they pose a danger to the mother’s life, or are likely to culminate in serious physical or mental abnormalities in the child.

Continued: https://theprint.in/governance/sc-says-abortion-amounts-to-murder-rejects-20-year-old-mumbai-womans-plea/83524/

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Inside Durban’s abortion abyss, shocking experiences

Inside Durban's abortion abyss, shocking experiences

News / 1 July 2018
Bukeka Silekwa

DURBAN - Polka dot blankets and pillows line the pavement outside Addington Hospital’s health clinic where women waiting to have abortions lie curled up on the cold cement. It’s 2.30am, Wednesday, May 28.

Zinhle Gumede (not her real name) sits on the ground, her back to the brick wall. She’s huddled with two other women under a blanket: protection from the frigid winter sea air.

Continued: https://www.iol.co.za/sunday-tribune/news/inside-durbans-abortion-abyss-shocking-experiences-15770564

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Need to pay attention to India’s illegal abortions

Need to pay attention to India’s illegal abortions

Over 75 per cent abortions estimated to occur in India annually are done bereft of health facilities and around 5-7 per cent abortions that are done outside licensed facilities use other methods that are possibly dangerous. The figure may be higher as non-institutionalised abortions cannot be recorded. The situation is even worse for single and divorced women and those living in rural regions, reports Subhangi Singh

By Tehelka
June 18, 2018

A dozen women are sitting around a lavish living room in Chandigarh, full of bubbling chatter and cocktail flutes. A gripping game called ‘Never Have I Ever’ is in full swing. Nina (name changed) raises her glass and declares, “Never have I ever had an abortion!” The room suddenly falls silent and everybody, except Nina, takes a sip from their respective glasses. It is a kitty party. Most of the women are married. The conversation invariably veers towards recurrent abortions in married and divorced women. Nina whispers that Shehnaz (name changed) tops the list as “she keeps having these abortions now and then.”

Continued: http://www.tehelka.com/need-to-pay-attention-to-indias-illegal-abortions/

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