Eighth Amendment ‘played major role in Savita’s death’


Eighth Amendment ‘played major role in Savita’s death’
Professor who chaired HSE inquiry tells Oireachtas committee about legal concerns

Thu, Oct 19, 2017
Kitty Holland

The Eighth Amendment “played a major role” in the death of Savita Halappanavar during pregnancy, a leading international expert in obstetrics has said.

Prof Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, who chaired the HSE inquiry into Ms Halappanavar’s death in 2012, said it was “very clear” to him Dr Katherine Asbury, the consultant treating her, had been “concerned about the legal issues” throughout her considerations as to whether to terminate the pregnancy.

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Ireland: Oireachtas committee votes for abortion law change


Oireachtas committee votes for abortion law change
Kate O’Connell says this is not end of the debate, but is a step in right direction

Oct 19, 2017
Sarah Bardon

The Oireachtas committee examining Ireland’s abortion law has agreed that Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution should not be retained in full.

The decision ensures the committee will recommend a referendum, which the Government has scheduled to take place next year. The proposal was made by Sinn Féin and supported by Fianna Fáil TD Billy Kelleher. Fifteen committee members voted in favour, three voted against including Fine Gael TD Peter Fitzpatrick, and two Fianna Fáil members abstained.

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Ireland: ‘Women are by-passing abortion law’ – ex-Master of Holles Street


'Women are by-passing abortion law' - ex-Master of Holles Street

Shona Murray
October 18 2017

A former master of Holles Street Hospital will tell TDs today that "the genie is out of the bottle" when it comes to abortion as women are already taking abortion pills.

Dr Peter Boylan, chairman of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Ireland, will appear before the Oireachtas Committee on Abortion.

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Thousands attend Dublin abortion rights protest


Thousands attend Dublin abortion rights protest
March for Choice is first major march since timeframe of referendum unveiled
Sat, Sep 30, 2017
Ronan McGreevy, Ciarán D'Arcy

Thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin on Saturday calling for the liberalisation of Ireland’s abortion laws.

The demonstration began at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm and progressed down O’Connell Street, before turning onto the quays and crossing over the Liffey. From there it proceeded up Pearse Street and towards the rally area in Merrion Square.

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Ireland: Anti-abortion and pro-choice groups claim venues cancelling events


Anti-abortion and pro-choice groups claim venues cancelling events
Group calls for full Garda investigation into alleged threats by pro-choice activists
Sep 28, 2017

Conor Gallagher, Kitty Holland, Marie O'Halloran

Three Dublin hotels have cancelled anti-abortion events this week due to online campaigns from pro-choice activists, according to the organising groups.

Meanwhile, pro-choice groups have said a number of venues have also canclled meetings they had organised, citing political concerns.

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Ryanair cancellations will affect Irish women travelling for abortions


Ryanair cancellations will affect Irish women travelling for abortions
Ashitha Nagesh for Metro.co.uk
Tuesday 19 Sep 2017

Ryanair has cancelled 13 flights travelling from Dublin to UK airports, potentially affecting hundreds of women who need access safe abortions.

A reproductive rights group in the country is offering to help and support women who have found themselves suddenly without a crucial flight to the Britain.

Continued at source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/19/ryanair-cancellations-will-affect-irish-women-travelling-for-abortions-6938921/

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Ireland must deal with abortion issue ‘definitively’, says Health Minister


Ireland must deal with abortion issue 'definitively', says Health Minister
Tuesday 20th June 2017

Health Minister Simon Harris says Ireland must deal with abortion "definitively", after two women who had attempted suicide more than once were refused abortions in Ireland.

The Abortion Support Network says the women were both immigrants who needed visas if they were going to travel to the UK for a legal termination.

One of the pregnancies had been diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality.

Last night, Minister Harris said that he would make all possible resources available to draft legislation for a referendum on the issue.

Continued at source: WLR-FM: http://www.wlrfm.com/news/national/118035-ireland-must-deal-with-abortion-issue-definitively-says-health-minister.html

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Bring on the Irish abortion referendum


Bring on the Irish abortion referendum

Ella Whelan
assistant editor

This is our chance to make the positive case for women’s rights.

16 June 2017

In his first day in office as the new Fine Gael Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar announced that the Republic of Ireland will have a referendum on the Eighth Amendment next year.

The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which was added following a referendum on abortion rights in 1983, ensures the right to life of the unborn. This means that a woman’s life and rights are equated with that of an embryo. Irish women cannot access abortion services, even in the event of rape or fatal fetal abnormality. They are forced to buy medicine illegally online, or travel to the UK at their own expense to access abortion services there.

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Ireland: Varadkar announces abortion referendum for next year


Varadkar announces abortion referendum for next year
15 Jun 2017
Kenneth Fox

Simon Harris will be responsible for bringing forward the legislation

Amidst the news of a new Taoisech in the Dáil and the announcement of his Cabinet, the news that Leo Varadkar had confirmed an abortion referendum, seemed to slip through the cracks.

Yesterday he confirmed that the referendum will take place sometime next year.

He said Health Minister Simon Harris would be responsible for bringing forward legislation to allow for the referendum on the eight amendment, which gives an equal right to life to the mother and the unborn.

Continued at link: NewsTalk: http://www.newstalk.com/Varadkar-announces-abortion-referendum-for-next-year-

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Ireland: Members of Oireachtas committee on abortion reveal positions


Members of Oireachtas committee on abortion reveal positions
Of the members who answered, seven said they were pro-choice, two anti-abortion

May 4, 2017
Mary Minihan

Seven Oireachtas members who will sit on the new cross-party committee on abortion have declared themselves pro-choice, while two have said they are anti-abortion.

Others have declined to state their position on the issue ahead of the formation of the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which will consider the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly. The original plan was to have 16 TDs and four Senators on the committee, but the Seanad has pushed for seven representatives.

Continued at source: Irish Times: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/members-of-oireachtas-committee-on-abortion-reveal-positions-1.3070406

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